Friday, June 20, 2008


I got this from my dear friend, Andrea na nakuha naman daw niya sa
Wala lang, nakakatawa. Though medyo derogatory yung last.. Hmm.. Keri lang.

Gutom ako, gutom kayo, gutom tayong lahat…HUNGARY!

Hola viola kaserola tinola sarangola arinola ni lola…VENEZUELA!

Boom! Kaboom! Kablam! AFGHANISTAN!

Malay mo, malay ko, malay nating lahat…MALAYSIA!

Baha doon, baha dito, baha sa buong mundo…BAHAMAS!

Hindi akin, hindi sayo, kanino sya?! KENYA!

1 way, 2 way, there’s no other way! NORWAY!

Sing kana, sing ka pa, ilabas ang magic sing…SINGAPORE!

Mula sa lupaing kulang sa bigas, san damakmak ang mandurugas…PILIPINAS!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Got this from a distant network.

This is a story from University of the Philippines (Diliman) about a young college girl who passed away last month....

Her name was Summera. She was hit by a dumper truck. She had a boy friend named Arif. Both of them were true lovers. They always hung on the phone.

You could never see her without her cell phone. In fact she also changed
her phone from Smart to Globe, so both of them can be on the same network, and save on the cost and get good network coverage. She spent half of the day talking with Arif. Summera's family knew about their relationship.

Arif was very close with Summera's family. (Just imagine their love).

Before she passed away she always told her friends "If I pass away please bury me with my hand ph one" she also said the same thing to her parents.>


After her death, people couldn't carry her coffin, I was there. A lot of
them tried to do so but still couldn't, everybody including me, had tried to carry the coffin, the result is still the same. Eventually, they called a Feng Shui Master. He took a stick and started speaking to himself slowly.

After a few minutes, he said "this girl misses something here". Then her
friends told the Master about her intentions to bury her with her phone.

He then opened the coffin and places her phone and SIM card inside the
casket. After that they tried to carry the coffin. It could be moved and
they carried it into the van easily. All of us were shocked. Summera's
parents did not inform Arif that Summera had passed away. After 2 weeks

Arif called Summera,s mom. Arif:"I'm coming home today. Cook something nice for me.

Dont tell Summera that I'm coming home today, I wanna surprise her." Her

mother replied..... "You come home first, I wanna tell you something very

important." after he came, they told him the truth about Summera.

Arif thought that they were playing a fo ol. He was laughing and said

"don't try to fool me - tell Summera to come out, i have a gift for her

Please stop this nonsense". Then they showed him her grave. He said...

"It's not true. We spoke yesterday. She still calls me.

Arif was shaking. Suddenly, his phone rang. "See this is from Summera,
see this..." he showed the phone to Summera,s family. All of them told him to answer. He talked using the loudspeaker mode. All of them heard his conversation. Loud and clear, no cross lines, no humming. It was the actual voice of Summera & there was no way others could use her SIM card since it was nailed inside the coffin. They were so shocked and asked for the Feng Shui Master's help again. The Master brought his co-masters to solve this matter. He & his co-masters worked for 5 hours. Then they discovered one thing...

Globe has the best coverage.

Where ever you go, their network follows


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

something something :)

Here's something I got from one of my colleagues, JM of UP Street and The Crew. Wala lang. Try niyo rin! :P

1. Kamote

2. Bez

3. Pards

4. Tiny

5. Amy

6. Andeng

7. Pentz

8. Pipoy

9. Panget

10. Ebs

11. Buddy

12. Nhek

13. Erikson

Number 1. – JAN ERIK ZAPATA SANTOS – My Kamote

1. Why is this person number one? My closest guy pal :)

2. Where did you meet this person? At school, way back highschool.

3. Are you and this person close? Uber!

4. Do you secretly hate this person? Hindi no! I love him! :)

5. Have you ever backstabbed this person? Nope at hindi mangyayari yun kahit kelan.

6. What if this person migrates to another country? Malungkot yun pero okay lang din para padalhan niya ako ng mga something. Haha!!

7. What is the color of this person`s hair? Black. Parang black na pancit canton minus the sahog. Lols.

8. Do you spend a lot of time with this person? Dati oo, ngayon hindi na mashado. Nagka-gf na e, kaya MIA na siya. Hehe.

9. When is this person`s birthday? January 8. Siya panganay sa kada. :P

10. Would this person and number 8 make a good match? Ahaha! Oo, pwedeng pwede! Hahaha!!


1. How did you meet this person? She’s my cousin. And we used to be enemies during our childhood. Pero bestfriends na kami ngayon.

2. What`s your song for this person? Count On Me ♥

3. What if this person died? Shempre super sad no! *Knock on wood

4. What is this person's favorite color? Dati pink pero ngayon yellow na. J

5. Does this person have a friendster account? Yes.

6. Would you consider going out with this person? We go out occasionally.

7. Does this person know number 7? I think so. Kilala mo nga ba Bez?

8. Where does this person study? Graduate na siya e. Thomasian siya dati.

9. Would you take a bullet for this person? Oo naman no! Pero kung pwede naming hindi ganun, wag na lang. Hahaha!! Kiddin’!

10. Would you hold this person`s hand? Why not.


1. Is this person nice? Super nice!

2. Has this person ever done anything wrong to you? Sinabi niya kay Buddy kung gano kalaki ung na-gain ko na weight kahit usapan naman secret un. So in short, Yes. :P

3. Would you go skinny dipping with this person? Naku! No! No! No! Haha!

4. Does this person`s parents like you? Kilala ng parents niya buong kada namin and wala naman silang violent reactions so I guess, oo. J

5. Do you and this person talk? Oo, araw-araw!

6. What if this person stole something from you? Lagot siya sakin. Ilalabas ko lahat ng baho niya, haha!

7. Does this person make a good match with number 4? Actually, mag-ex sila! Yikee!!

8. Who does this person like? Si Khaye. Love na raw niya!

9. To what do you associate this person with? Anything funny. Mapa-idea, bagay o pangyayari because he's a really funny person.

10. Does this person have AIDS? Wala ATA. Haha.

Number 4. – CHRISTINA ALARILLA – My Yatot-Laki-Tummy

1. Is this person talkative? Oo. You should see her when she’s drunk. Haha.

2. Where does this person live? Bulacan.

3. Is this person pretty? Yes.

4. Do you think this person will repost this? Wala siyang multiply at yamot siya sa mga ganito.

5. What is this person`s favorite sport? Hindi siya sporty e. Pwede ba yung pag-movie marathon ng sexy films?? Haha.

6. Would you go to Iraq with this person? Bat naman kami pupuntang Iraq. :P

7. Would you take a bath with this person? Pwede. Why not.

8. Did this person ever make you angry? Hindi pa, in fairness to her.

9. Is this person funny? YES, she’s really funny.

10. How much does this person mean to you? A lot! She’s one of my closest girlfriends.

Number 5. – AMY TIBIG – Almira, The English Teacher

1. What if this person smoked? Keri lang. Not a big deal.

2. What if your parents forbid you to hang out with this person? I’d still see her. Pasaway ako e. Lols. I love her that much. :)

3. Would you take risks for this person? Oo naman.

4. Would you wish this person was your sister/brother? Pwede. I love her company e.

5. Does this person like country music? Nope.

6. What words does this person like saying? “Jusko naman” “Si ate/kuya o”.. Basta parang pronoun yung “ate/kuya” kung gamitin niya to refer to a person. Hehe.

7. What if this person`s mother died? I’ll be there for her.

8. Is this person single? Yes. NBSB siya, actually. :P

9. Does this person get along well with 10? Oo, sila yung parang mag-bestfriend sa kada.

10. Does this person have long hair? Yes.

Number 6. – MARIA ANDREA FATIMA MAMANGUN – My long distance girlfriend.

1. Is this person creative? I think so.

2. Is this person rich? Yes, in a lot of ways.

3. Is this person an only child? Nope.

4. Does this person own a sweatshirt? Siguro.

5. Does this person play an instrument? I’m not sure. A little of guitar ata? Basta kumakanta siya, yun yon. :P

6. Would this person marry number 12? Kumusta naman ang pareho silang straight at parehong babae.

7. When did you last see this person? Mga 8 years ago na ata. Tagal na no?

8. What would you give this person on his/her birthday? Hmmm.. Greetings? Lols.

9. Would you cry for this person? Oo naman.

10. What is the color of this person`s eyes? Dark Brown siguro

Number 7. – LUIS GATMAITAN – My Pentz

1. Does this person have a brother? Yep, 1 younger brother.

2. What is this person`s favorite number? Ay di ko alam e. Itatanong ko pag nagkita kami. :P

3. Does this person wear eyeglasses? Nope. Sa laki ng mata niya, malinaw paningin niya no. Peace Pentz!

4. Is this person a good singer? Ay oo. Super. Kakainlab!

5. Where does this person live? Bulacan.

6. Does this person know number 8? Oo naman.

7. Do you idolize this person? Oo, idol ko to sa pagka-pasaway! :))

8. Are you schoolmates with this person? Nung highschool.

9. Is this person still a virgin? Naku, Malabo. Haha!

10. Is this person mad at you? Nope.

Number 8. – JOHN CARLO LEONARDO – My Pipoy

1. Would you die for this person? Pwede na rin. :P

2. Do you share common interests with this person? Oo naman.

3. Is this person in a band? Nope.

4. Are this person`s eyes big? Nope.

5. Does this person have bangs? Hmmm… Parang. Undefined yung hairstyle niya e. :P

6. How is this person`s relationship with her parents? Okay naman. May kanya-kanya silang buhay. Lols.

7. Does this person sleep late? Oo, nocturnal sha.

8. Is this person Catholic? Yes.

9. When will you see this person again? Maybe sa weekend. :)

10. Is this person pure in race? Yes.


1. Does this person have a Myspace account? Wala ata. Hindi ko sure e.

2. Is this person a good kisser? Hahaha! Ayokong alalahanin. :))

3. Does this person smoke? Nope.

4. Have you ever went to a party with this person? Yes.

5. Have you ever seen this person naked? Nope.

6. How often do you talk to this person? Super minsan na lang.

7. Does this person wear stripped shirts? Hindi ata. Hindi ko pa siya nakita magsuot ng ganun. :P

8. Is this person vain? Hindi no, yun pa?! Sus, ayaw nga nun nang maarte e.

9. Do you think this person will become very succesful? Oo naman, ang talino kaya niya.

10. Is this person taken? Yes :)


1. Would you shoot this person? With a watergun, why not.

2. Is this person sexy? Haha! Oo na lang.

3. Do you text with this person? Oo naman.

4. Have you gone on a road trip with this person? Once pa lang ata.

5. Has this person ever hurt you? Highschool days. Haha.

6. Would you sing for this person? Oo naman. Hindi ako mahihiya kasi pareho kami sintunado, lamang pa nga siya e. :)) Peace mikes!

7. Does this person drink? Yes.

8. Does this person still have a father? Nasa heaven na.

9. Would you borrow underwear from this person? Wahaha!! No!

10. Does this person have feelings for number 7? Ngek. Kumusta naman yun. Wala no.

Number 11. – GLAIZA JANE LOSITO – My Buddy

1. What reminds you of this person? Hmmmm... bonsai - halaman na kino-control ang pag-grow. Wow, emo.

2. Is this person famous? Okay lang.

3. Is this person smart? Yes.

4. Do you regret meeting this person? NO! Why would I.

5. Would you consider falling asleep with this person? Yes, why not. Napakarami na kaya naming overnights.

6. Does this person wear jumpers? Nope.

7. What`s the craziest thing you`ve done with this person? Haha. Sa amin na lang yun.

8. Is this person a cheerful person? Yes. Kahit hindi halata. Haha.

9. Would you join a fraternity if this person forced you to? Nope.

10. Does this person hang out with number 2? Nope. Hindi sila close at hindi sila friends.

Number 12. – NELIZZA ANNE BALIA – My Mare

1. What sport does this person play? Wakeboarding. Sports ba ang Airsoft?

2. Is this person vain? Yes. Haha.

3. Do you think this person`s cute? Yes.

4. Do you like this person? I love her! ;)

5. Is this person annoying? Nope. Not at all.

6. Does this person rock your world? Yeah. You bet she can. Ang crazy kaya niya.

7. Is this person good in dancing? Party dancing, I think so.

8. Have you ever seen this person accidentally? I see her often but not accidentally.

9. Have you ever hitched a ride with this person? Not yet. Di ko pa naexperience mag-motor kasama siya.

10. Does this person ever join threesomes? Haha, kahit party animal siya, hindi siya ganun ka-wild. :P

Number 13. - JOHN ERIKSON FABILANE JAVIER - My All (Parang kanta lang, hehe)

1. Have you gotten into a fight with this person? Yes, and I think that’s normal.

2. Is this person pregnant? Naku, oo siguro. Haha.

3. Does this person`s siblings know you? Yes.

4. Do you miss this person? Super.

5. Are you buddies with this person? Yes.

6. What would you do if this person got hurt? Lagot sakin ang mananakit sa kanya!

7. Does this person still have a mother? Yes.

8. Did you ever have long conversations with this person? Oo naman.

9. Is this person crazy? Oh Yes! Super!

10. Why is he the last person in your list? I always save the best for last.

iwas lungkot at boredom :)

Wala lang, nakaktuwa lang gawin 'to. Plus bored ako and natatamad pa mag-upload ng pics. :P

Dear David,

I don't really know how to tell you this but our romance is over.
I think I realized it when your dwarf bit me at the mental hospital
and I saw you sit at my Kid Rock collection.

I'm sure you're open enough to understand how boring you are and that
Santa doesn't exist.

I'm returning the couch cushions to you, but I'll keep your grades from college
as a memory. You should also know that I told in my confession today about the
embarrassing rash.

Good luck on your short-term leave from jail,

Do it like this:
Dear (the person who last texted/smsed you).
I don't really know how to tell you this, but ___1___. I think I realized it ___2___ ___3___ and I saw you ___4___ ___5___.

I'm sure you're ___6___ enough to understand ___7___.

I'm returning ___8___ to you, but I'll keep ___9___ as a memory.
You should also know that I ___10___ ___11___.

-Your name-

1. What's the color of your shirt?
Blue - Our romance is over
Red - Our affair is over
White - I'll join the monastery
Black - I dislike you
Green - Our horoscope doesn't match
Grey - You're a pervert
Yellow - I'm selling myself
Pink - Your nostrils are insulting
Brown - The mafia wants you
No shirt - You're a loser
Other - I'm inlove with your sister

2. Which is your birth month?
January - That night
February - Last year
March - When your dwarf bit me
April - When I tripped on sesame seeds
May - First of May
June - When you put cuffs on me
July - When I threw up
August - When I saw the shrunken head
September - When we skinny dipped
October - When I quoted Santa
November - When your dog ran amok
December - When I changed tennis shoes

3. Which food do you prefer?
Tacos - In your apartment
Pizza - In your camping car
Pasta - Outside of Chicago
Hamburgers - Under the bus
Salad - As you ate enchilada
Chicken - In your closet
Kebab - With Paris Hilton
Fish - In women's clothing
Sandwiches - At the Hare Krishna graduation
Lasagna - At the mental hospital
Hot dog - Under a state of trance
Annat; With George Bush and his wife

4. What's the color of your socks?
Yellow - Hit on
Red - Insult
Black - Ignore
Blue - Knock out
Purple - Pour syrup on
White - Carve your initials into
Grey - Pull the clothes off
Brown - Put leeches on
Orange - Castrate
Pink - Pull the toupee off
Barefoot - Sit at
Other - Drive out

5. What's the color of your underwear?
Black - My best friend
White - My father
Grey - Bill Clinton
Brown - My fart balloon
Purple - My mustard soufflé
Red - Donald Duck
Blue - My avocado plant
Yellow - My penpal in Ghana
Orange - My Kid Rock-collection
Pink - Manchester United's goalkeeper
None - My John F. Kennedy-statue
Other - The crazy monk

6. What do you prefer to watch on TV?
Scrubs; Man
O.C.; Emotional
One Tree Hill; Open
Heroes; Frostbitten
Lost; High
House; Scarred
Simpsons; Cowardly
The news; Mongolic
Idol; Masochistic
Family Guy; Senile
Top Model; Middle-class
Annat; Ashamed

7. Your mood right now?
Happy - How awful I've felt
Sad - How boring you are
Bored - That Santa doesn't exist
Angry - That your pimples are at the last stage
Depressed - That we're cousins
Excited - That there is no solution to this.
Nervous - The middle-east
Worried - That your Honda sucks
Apathetic - That I did a sex-change
Ashamed - That I'm allergic to your hamster
Cuddly - That I get turned on by garbage men
Overjoyous - That I'm open
Other - That Extreme Home Makeover sucks

8. What's the color of your walls in your bedroom?
White - Your ring
Yellow - Your love letters
Red - Your Darth Vader-poster
Black - Your tame stone
Blue - The couch cushions
Green - The pictures from LA
Orange - Your false teeth
Brown - Your contact book
Grey - Our matching snoopy-bibs
Purple - Your old lottery coupons
Pink - The cut toenails
Other - Your memories from the military service

9. The first letter of your first name?
A/B - Your photo
C/D - The oil stocks
E/F - Your neighbour Martin
G/H - My virginity
I/J - The results of blood-sample
K/L - Your left ear
M/N -Your suicide note
O/P - My common sense
Q/R - Your mom
S/T - Your collection of butterflies
U/V - Your criminal record
W/X - David's tricot outfits
Y/Z - Your grades from college

10. The last letter in your last name?
A/B - Always will remember
C/D - Never will forget
E/F - Always wanted to break
G/H - Never openly mocked
I/J - Always have felt dirty before
K/L - Will tell the authorities about
M/N - Told in my confession today about
O/P - Was interviewed by the Times about
Q/R - Told my psychiatrist about
S/T - Get sick when I think of
U/V - Always will try to forget
W/X - Am better off without
Y/Z - Never liked

11. What do you prefer to drink?
Water- Our friendship
Beer - Senility
Soft drink - A new life as a clone
Soda - The incarnation as an eskimo
Milk - The apartment building
Wine - Cocaine abuse
Cider - A passionate interest for mice
Juice - Oprah Winfrey imitations
Mineral water - Embarrassing rash
Hot chocolate - Eggplant-fetishism
Whisky - To ruin the second world war
Other - To hate the Boston Celtics

12. To which country would you prefer to go on a vacation?
Thailand - Warm regards
USA - Best regards
England - Good luck on your short-term leave from jail
Spain - Go and drown yourself
China - Disgusting regards
Germany - With ease
Japan - Go burn
Greece - Your everlasting enemy
Australia - Greetings to your frog Leonard
Egypt - Fuck off now
France - In pain
Other - Greetings to your freaky family

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

putting ourselves in someone else's shoes

Unlike any other creature on this planet, humans can learn and
understand, without having experienced. They can think themselves into other
people's minds, imagine themselves into other people's places.

Of course, this is a power, like my brand of fictional magic, that is
morally neutral. One might use such an ability to manipulate, or
control, just as much as to understand or sympathise.

And many prefer not to exercise their imaginations at all. They choose
to remain comfortably within the bounds of their own experience, never
troubling to wonder how it would feel to have been born other than they
are. They can refuse to hear screams or to peer inside cages; they can
close their minds and hearts to any suffering that does not touch them
personally; they can refuse to know.

I might be tempted to envy people who can live that way, except that I
do not think they have any fewer nightmares than I do. Choosing to live in
narrow spaces can lead to a form of mental agoraphobia, and that brings
its own terrors. I think the wilfully unimaginative see more monsters.
They are often more afraid.

What is more, those who choose not to empathise may enable real
monsters. For without ever committing an act of outright evil ourselves, we
collude with it, through our own apathy.

One of the many things I learned at the end of that Classics corridor
down which I ventured at the age of 18, in search of something I could not
then define, was this, written by the Greek author Plutarch: What we achieve
inwardly will change outer reality.

That is an astonishing statement and yet proven a thousand times every
day of our lives. It expresses, in part, our inescapable connection with
the outside world, the fact that we touch other people's lives simply by

- Excerpt from J.K. Rowling's commencement speech for Harvard
Grabbed from: Ma'am Lynette Carpio

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

bored at walang magawa :)

Okay, dahil nasa mood akong magsagot ng kung anuano at magbabad dito sa multiply, magsasagot na lang ako ng mga survey na grinab ko kung kani-kanino. :P i got this one from bez.


1. What are your plans for tomorrow?
- Work.

2. Who's car were you in last?
- sa officemate ko. :)

3. When is the next time you will kiss someone?
- Mamaya. Kikiss ko si momi paguwi niya. :P

4. What color shirt are you wearing?
- gray.

5. How long is your hair?
- hindi abot sa balikat.

6. Song You Hear Right Now?
- Can We Chill.

7. Instrument Played?
- wala e. Pero gusto ko talaga magaral ng gitara.

8. Last movie you watched?
- Sa moviehouse? Forbidden Kingdom.

9. Last thing you ate?
- Potato Crisps.

10. Last thing you drank?
- Gatorade.

11. Where did you sleep last night?
- sa room ko.

13. Are you happy right now?
- i don't know.

14. What did you say last?
- "Ingat po."

15. Where is your phone?
- Beside me.

16. What kind of music do you listen?
- Hip-hop, R&B, and Alternative.

17. What color are your eyes?
- Brown.

18. When was the last time you had your heart broken?
- hmmm..

19. Who/what do you hate/dislike currently?
- having to secondguess myself and others.

20. Why?
- mas nakakastress pa kesa sa work ko.

21. What kind of music genre are you listening before?
- R&B.

22. What kind of music genre are you listening now?
- R&B still.

23. If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
- thing?? underwater camera/dslr!! but peace of mind will be priceless. :)

24. What is your Favorite Store?
- ever loyal ako sa Divi. :P.. and TCQ!!

25. Who makes you happiest right now?
- My friends and family.

34. When is your birthday?
- marsobente

36. Who was the last person to send you a text message?
- pipoy

37. When is the last time you were in a swimming pool?
- last month lang.

40. How do you feel about your hair right now?
- goood. i loooove it.

41. Do you have expensive Jewelry?
- yes.

46. Where does most of your family live?
- Philippines. ;P

47. Are you an only child or do you have siblings?
- one younger sib

49. What was the first thing you thought when you woke up?
- hindi pwede ma-late sa work! :))

50. Do you drink beer?
- no.

54. What was your favorite subject in school?
- Devc70!! :)

57. Do you have any talents?
- Yes. :P

58. Have you ever been in a wedding?
- Yes.

61. Ever met someone famous?
- I met Dolphy. :))

63. Do you want to be famous one day?
- Why not.

65. Are you multitasking right now?
- If watching the news and answering this counts.

67. Do you believe in Karma?
- oh Yes.

68. What color are your nails right now?
- wala.. ung natural color lang.

69. What was the highlight of your week?
- work.

70. Favorite tv show?
- PBB :P

71. Ever been to another continent?
- Yes.

72. Ever been to Las Vegas?
- Nope.

75. When is the last time you updated your blog?
- Last night. Hindi rito.. sa ibang blog account. :)

76. Have you been to New York City?
- nope.

78. Do you have a favorite cartoon character?
- Beavis and Butthead!!

82. Stupidest thing you ever did?
- sakin na lang un. *it was the stupidest yet it felt really goooooood <3

83. Last time you were sick?
- Matagal na e.. months ago na ata.

84. Do you like anyone right now?
- yes

85. Do you think anyone will repost this?!
- Malay ko.