Thursday, March 9, 2017

the tale of 'mysushidiet'

Others pegged my blog as a food blog because it has the words "sushi" and "diet" together. Well, it does sound like one but it isn't a food blog or anything of the sort. The contents are far from being enticing and mouth-watering. It's more of an "anti-boredom-spill-the-beans-cry-your-heart-out" kind of thing. Yes, very self-serving. ikr.

I remember going through an emotional time when I decided that I needed a blog. Hence, the birth of mysushidiet. It was just so I can have an outlet. Somewhere where I can say anything about anything... somewhere where I can write the things that I was too afraid to say. This is why my posts are primarily about frustrations, anger, pain, disappointment, and the like because these are the things that I refuse to just keep to myself. Ever since, writing has always been my way of releasing the negative energy in me with the hopes of reaching out to the reason/s behind my posts without having to go through the dramas of a confrontation. Blah blah.

Deciding that I want a blog was easy. Deciding what to name it was the hard part. It may not be that big of a deal to others but to me, it is. I have high standards on this particularly because I myself don't pay attention to blog sites that doesn't draw my attention. So I figured it has to be something that sounds good and unique and vague since I don't plan to focus on any topic like fashion, travel, food, or whatnot. I didn't want it to sound uber melodramatic or melancholic in any way and I didn't want it to sound boring or serious either. So I thought of my interests, favorites, the trivial things about me, and etc. and that's how I came up with mysushidiet.

I've always been a sushi freak. Yes, I'm that girl with a Chinese bloodline who will always choose sushi, sashimi, gyudon, and etc over noodles, siopao, and dumplings without second thoughts. As for the word 'diet', well, to me, diet is like love - something that I want so much but cannot commit to. Luh. San galing 'yon?

Anyway, this blog has been up and (quite) active since November of 2007 and it has always been mysushidet. At one point, I thought of changing it to something else, something more creative and more catchy and cute but I kinda feel odd just thinking of doing so.

I guess I'm really not good with changes and goodbyes. Well. who is, anyway?

Friday, March 3, 2017

random tralala.

I think my problem is not that I have such an inexplicably high tolerance for pain and bullsh*t but my inability to recognize it when it comes.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Right click. Open in new tab. Read. Repeat.

My birthday is fast approaching - 26 days to go, to be exact. Last year, I promised myself that I will celebrate my birthday anywhere but in the Philippines, for a change. Hence, I dedicate every bit  of my free time on reading various travel blogs to educate myself on different travel tips, travel hacks, efficient spending, travel routes, and whatnot. I am really learning a lot but apart from learning, the "traveler-wanna-be" inside of me is getting giddy more and more as I keep on reading on others' adventures. I am beginning to think whether or not this is my calling. OA.

I am amused by the stories of successful full-time travel bloggers. How I wish I am brave enough to do what they did - left their job and traveled the world. Most of them make a living by maintaining their travel blogs. How I wish I can do that. Someday, maybe?

My blog banner says it all. I am a sporadic writer. So how am I suppose to make a living out of this? Not to mention the fact that I only write a lot when I am depressed or sad. Not unless I can make money by writing about my frustrations in life, heartbreaks, and everything else that I always write about. How would I sell my sadness? Who would want to buy or invest on something melodramatic? Seriously? Although now, I am trying to write as often as I can and I am trying my best to shy away from being melodramatic. Law of attraction. Law of attraction. I always remind myself about this.

Wish me luck and make it appear convincing as if you really care. Ktnxbye.

Friday, February 17, 2017

A minor epiphany: Win-win Situation

You gotta be thankful for meeting shitty people, really. Why? Because it's through them that we get to see who the really good ones are. Being with shitty people makes you appreciate the ones who were actually genuinely good.

Meeting the wrong ones make you feel more excited in meeting the right one. Or maybe, I already met him? *pabebe smile*

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Blog Makeover

I want to change this blog into something that is more worthy of (y)our time.

How? I'm thinking of trying to post less about the dramas of my life and instead, write about my travel experiences, food  and movie reviews, and other random things that interest me. 

Why? Well, let's just say, I just don't want any more drama in my life. Not that I can totally avoid it but at least I can write less and less about it until it'll be no longer worth writing about. 

I want to focus more on the good things that happen to me no matter how random they are. Maybe if I become successful in doing so then I might actually develop a higher tolerance for all the dramas, negativity, and the "almost-day-to-day" emo shitshits I encounter.

Law of attraction, eh! Let's see how this one will work. Can't feel more intrigued, really.
And I shall begin in 3... 2... 1. *fingers crossed*