Monday, September 14, 2015

B-E Creative.

My neurologist asked me one time about why I always carry two bags, my shoulder bag and a bigger one. I just smiled. Well, it's because of these. Kinikilig ako.😍 

One thing I learned about doodling, you have to be creative. That's a given though because doodling is an art. However, there's a fine line between being creative and being artistic. Artistic pertains to showing skills. On the other hand, creativity is about being able to think of new things or new ideas. Agree?☺️

Let me end this with this note I always tell myself. BE CREATIVE. B-E creative not just with doodling but with EVERYTHING. 😉 Coz at the end of the day, mas masarap yung ikaw ang ginagaya kesa ikaw ang gumagaya. Inspire and be inspired. Ganoinst. 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

gone too fast

Just like that, January was over. Is it just me or time really fleeted so fast? Both. 

Contrary to my self-expectations, I was able to monitor and track down my daily finances, accomplish my daily to-do list, keep track of my New Habit development (This is a BDJ thing), finish the personal errands that I told myself to do, meet deadlines, and a lot more. I can't help but feel proud. I'm not usually good with lists and monitoring my plan's progress but I did it. Do I hear an applause? No.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Must love holiday breaks

After the ten-day Christmas break came another holiday a.k.a. Papal Visit shortly after. Honestly though, I hoped there was a much longer gap between the two long weekend breaks. Anyway, Papal holiday weekend started last January 15 and officially ends today which means that tomorrow, everything is expected to go back to normal. :) Not that it's significant or anything but I just feel like sharing how my Papal holiday break went.

January 15, Thursday.
I just stayed home. Was able to really relax and enjoy my "still-tidy-since-new-year" room. I also spent an awful lot of time downloading new songs, mostly RnB. Apparently, there really are a lot of good songs out there since 2009 that I haven't heard of being that I'm a self-proclaimed RnB music lover. The playlist sounded a little mono-something though, where every song sounds like the other; pretty much having a distinct similar beat and melody for each artists that I now know, not to mention those unnecessary "Ooohs and Aaahs" adlibs that they occasionally made on the intro. It could have sounded better without it but heck, the songs were still good... Good enough to help me through every tiring day at work, I assume. *bigsmile* 

Also, I finally finished reading Me Before You. It was a really good read. As in, really good. I loved it because it's so easy to visualize. It's as if you're there like a silent audience watching things happen as you read the contents. I even found myself occasionally wondering "Ano na kayang nangyayari?" whenever I need to stop reading. Crazy, right? I think that's what's lovable about books. It only happens to you when you read it. You have a choice. You are in control of how far you will go and how far you will let its story get to you. Anyway, the story was both heartbreaking and beautiful. Tells of how love makes you face things/occurrences that are beyond your own comprehension and still agree on it because you know how much the person you love badly needs it. You have to read it to understand what I'm trying to say. I'm no spoiler. *wink*

January 16, Friday.
Mitch's birthday was not until the next day but since we have more important things to attend to (as he puts it) a.k.a. Papal Visit and my friend Ida's wedding, we decided to celebrate it the day before. We had scheduled a dinner with his family at Yakimix. Since Mitch was really not much of a planner, we didn't have anything concretely planned before the dinner. We ended up going to Quiapo and watched the live coverage of Pope's mass at Manila Cathedral which was publicly aired there via the giant LED screen. After the mass, we went to look for an eye clinic to have my eyes checked up. I've been experiencing dryness of my eyes and occasional headaches while at work for a couple of months already. An optha advised me to get an eyeglass with UV protection to minimize the dryness of my eyes and the headaches. So I did. Price of eyeglass on malls was so expensive compared to that of Quiapo's. I once canvassed an eyeglass worth P3,000 inclusive of frame, multi-coated lens, and checkup at an eye clinic in Trinoma. Well, I got mine for just P1,300 at Quiapo with the same inclusions, mind you. It's waaaaaaay cheaper! Thank God for Quiapo.

Four-eyed lovers, eh?

January 17, Saturday.
Today was Mitch's 29th birthday. Today also marked the first wedding I've attended for 2015. Congratulations are finally in order for my Nanay Ida and his now husband, Tatay Dodi. Ida was my mentor in dancing way back in college when we were still together with UPLB Street Jazz Dance Company. Now that we're both done with college, let's just say some things do not really change. She's still my "nanay". Finally, after "n" number of years, our family have been completed.

The ceremony was held at Sta. Rita de Cascia. It's a small church located inside Philam Homes which could really be perfect for intimate weddings like theirs. The motif was Navy Blue and Yellow Gold. Reception took place at Bella Ibarra, an events place along Quezon Avenue. Their wedding was by far the simplest wedding I've attended BUT it was also the most "focused-on-the-couple" one. Attending their wedding made me realize that it's really not the size of the place, or the beauty of the chandeliers or the presence of the drapes, or the elaborate table setups, or other whatnot that gives beauty to the wedding but the couple itself - that happy glow that they both  wear as they officially become each other's better halves. Other weddings I've attended to were all beautiful but Ida's wedding was an eye opener for me. It made me realize that it is still possible to have a beautiful wedding without unnecessary upgrades on packages availed from wedding suppliers. Because at the end of the day, all you need and want in your heart is a wedding where you will stand in front of an altar beside the person you truly love. That, in itself even without a grand reception, is already a celebration of your love. Nanay Ida and Tatay Dodi is now starting to live happily ever after.

Photo grabbed from Nay Ida's FB account.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the reception early because I had to go to Taft Avenue for the Pope's mass at Quirino Grandstand the next day. Mitch, the birthday boy, picked me up at Fisher Mall. With many roads already closed as early as 8 p.m. Mitch wanted to make sure I'll get to Taft safely. Boyfriend duties. *heartheart*  At least, we got to spend a time together during his birthday. Luckily, going to Taft was stress-free. It took us one hour mainly because Mitch was a choosy commuter. Lol. My parents and I together with Mitch and Adot, his brother, booked two rooms at Leeson's Residences, a condotel near Quirino Ave, as a preparation for the Papal visit. We assumed that it'll be a really long day at Quirino Grandstand so we thought we need all the sleep that we can get. We were right. Mitch's sisters and parents were booked at a different hotel. My brothers weren't able to come with us, unfortunately.

January 18, Sunday.
It was a long, tiring yet a victorious day for all of us. Please see previous post re Papal Visit 2015.

January 19, Monday.
Today was literally a rest day. We just stayed home. Mitch and I had scheduled a double date with Karlo and Jaic, our couple bestfriend, few days ago but we had to reschedule. I just spent this day cleaning my room, updating my journal, and well, blogging. *smile* I think I had enough rest. I managed to cross out almost everything in my "to do" list for today, including this. Do I hear an applause? *grin*

Papal Visit 2015: Definitely one for the books

January 18, 2015.

Yesterday was by far the biggest and most memorable moment of my life as a Roman Catholic. I saw Pope Francis in flesh and mind you, we were really just a few steps away from him. It was the most precious minute of my life. The mobile drove by us quite fast but honestly, I don't really care. To see the pope in person with an unblocked view was more than enough for me. I swear, after that moment, all the leg pains from hours of standing and waiting just to ensure a great view, were given justice. All the pains and physical tiredness were taken away after we saw him. It was indeed an "Unbelievable sight. Indescribable feeling." but in a totally different, better and bolder context than that of Jasmine's infatuation to Aladdin. I was truly mesmerized.

My only goal was to just hear the mass live. With millions of other Catholics swarming the place and with the commotion that occurred in Quirino Grandstand when gates were finally opened, I really thought seeing Pope was next to impossible. But I did! It happened. I saw him! Not only that, I also heard the mass live and was able to take a communion despite the very large crowd. It was really a good thing they have lay ministers on stand by outside the grandstand. God is good, all the time. Hallelujah! 

It rained the whole time we were waiting for the convoy. Hence, we really didn't have a choice but patiently stand there at Quirino Avenue the whole five (5) hours. Since our original plan included hearing the holy mass inside the Quirino Grandstand, bringing stools or waterproof sit-upon was not plan of our "Things to bring" list for the occasion. I didn't even remember to bring my waterproof iPhone case despite the weather advisory. I must say though, with how things turned out, risking my iPad to be rain-soaked was worth it. Our raincoats really came in handy. I managed to get a good shot of Pope's convoy yesterday. Please see low-res video below.

Another that could be considered a highlight of my whole Papal experience is that Mitch and I and our families were all together. It was the first time and I cannot be much happier that it all happened during this life-changing Papal visit.

A family that prays together, stays together. *bigsmile*

We decided to call it a day after our dinner at Cabalen. My parents and I went home with victory in our hearts. Today, as of writing, Pope is on his way back to Rome. I can't help but be overwhelmed by the fact that two of the most loved Popes visited the Philippines during my lifetime. What's even greater is that it happened again during the time that I am fully aware of the occasion's meaning and that I have the energy and the physical strength required to take part on this occasion and make all these holy experience possible for myself. 

Pope Francis was here not just in the Philippines but also in my heart and in the hearts of my other Catholic brothers and sisters. Needless to say but I'm sure that the prints he left with us will be etched forever in our hearts and in our souls. 

Viva el Papa, Papa Francisco!

To our Pope, the People's Pope, Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio... From the bottom of my little heart, MARAMING SALAMAT PO!!! 

Monday, January 5, 2015

one word: toxic

Work today was, toxic, as expected. Changed my work schedule for today and timed in few minutes before 7 o'clock. By 7:30, we started to hustle. Since I was used to eating breakfast between 7:30 to 8 o'clock, I was already really hungry by 9:30 am. Was able to eat around 10:40, I think. Thanks to almost-endless-numerous-phone calls I got. Office got too crowded than expected. I couldn't even feel any tinge of cold air from the AC anymore, which by the way was already set to high fan and high cool. It was that crowded. The air was filled with body heat perhaps from the parents who underwent an instant workout by running after their kids around the office. Phew.

I left the office few minutes past 7. It was literally a long day. Imagine the exhaustion. I was so happy to finally see my bed at around 8. Thanks to my super friends, Anjo and Kat, I had a comfortable ride on my way home.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a lighter and less toxic day for our team. #ASAPAKAMI Aftermath of long weekends usually last for two to three days. Usually, it gets worse than the first day. Wish us well for tomorrow. PLEASE. We really need it.

PS. It was still fun though. Thanks to my crazy teammates. Again, they worked the magic. Toxic days are always more bearable with them around. :)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita

This movie still gives me the chills. Watched it again earlier at Cinema One. I couldn't contain the "kilig", I had to share it as an FB stat. Lol. It was one of my favorite movies by Rico Yan. I even loved it better than his last movie ever, Got to Believe. It was better in so many ways... The story line was more realistic. Tackled about love and prejudice, how love can make people change and how it can change your life JUST. LIKE. THAT.

The part where Claudine and Rico finally talked after the brawl with Lailanie Navarro's character in the movie was my favorite part. Claudine's lines were so powerful and sincere and true. Made me feel the pain, as if it was told to me and as if it was me who told it. It was weird like that. Still affected me the way it did when I watched it the first time on VCD since I wasn't really much of a movie goer back then.

It's definitely on my list of "Movies to watch over and over again". Not that the list exist, but yeah the movie is that good. Watching this movie always leaves me wondering what if Rico Yan is still alive... Maybe there'd be more movies like this. Maybe he'll be as famous as Coco Martin and JLC. :)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Hello, 2015.

New Year means a lot of different new things to many different people. New goals. New dreams. New priorities. New hobbies. New plans. New house. New car. New hairstyle. New resolutions. Anything that can be used or done to signify change, which is really fitting for this occasion. New Year's eve is like point zero - the perfect point to start something. 

Speaking of "new", I had my hair cut again. I think this is the shortest I've had since 2010. It's not the boy cut kind of short, though. Prolly just an inch or two below my nape when wet. I feel five yeaars younger. Thanks to Bench Fix. Lol.

The mandatory "my-hair-looks-tame-and-presentable-until-it-gets-wet" shot.

It has been said by a lot of people that we don't need a new year just to change. They're right. However, making some changes or wanting and planning changes is a lot more fun and perfect every time the year changes. It's like creating a momentum for yourself. It's really just about starting the year right, right? 

Thing is, no matter what it is that's new with you or no matter what the changes you made or plan to make, we all have one thing in common: HOPE. Hope that these changes will render positive results. Hope that by the end of the year that has come, we would be able to tell ourselves that we did it. We changed. FOR. THE. BETTER. Yes, in bold and all caps for additional emphasis.

Here's to consistency, positivity, unfaltering faith and endless hope... CHEERS!! May we all have a great time this year! 

From our family to yours, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!