Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010. Hello 2011.

Last year, before 2009 ended, I wrote an entry summarizing everything that happened, everything I felt, everything I thought in that year. Everything that I can remember. And as this year comes to a close, I want to do the same.

2010 was a year of CHANGE for me. So many things happened and I am a changed person because of these events.

JANUARY. January was a month of adventure. A lot of new people came in my life. I met a lot of new friends because I was invited to join the Cheerdance Squad of our department. This is the month when I met Ryan and Grace, who are now two of my closest pals. SOLID! I remember going through some emotional problems. At some point, I asked myself if time does really heal all wounds.

1) I was given a solo part for our cheerdance routine. (1/9)
2) I was chosen to be a part of the power dance for our routine. (1/24)
3) My anniversary in Musiqality. (1/21)
4) My first bonding experience w/ Ryan and Grace at Timezone Trinoma, where it all began. (1/31)

Movies I watched this month:
1) Mano Po 6 (1/3)
2) Avatar (1/17)
3) Sherlock Holmes (1/20)
4) Legion (1/29)

FEBRUARY. February was a month of struggle for me. I was so confused during this month. I don't know whether what I was going through was just a phase or a permanent condition.

It was also in this month when I had an old suitor. Old as in around 60-ish. He wrote me an old-school love letter. He's an old contractor I met at work.

I spent and celebrated Valentine's Day with Musiqality in Bohol.

1) I took an exam for my first promotion. (2/9-10)
2) My Bohol Trip w/ Musiqality. (2/12-14)
3) Overnight Bonding w/ my Cheermates. (2/18)
4) Photoshoot with Musiqality for 2010. (2/21)
5) Family dinner w/ Arnel Pineda's Family at Dencio's, Eastwood. (2/28)

MARCH. March was a month of goodbye. In this month, I learned that not all good things last. Life will do what it does best. It always surprises you... never fails. I chose to love myself more and to love myself 'first'. I was able to build a stronger bond of friendship with the people around me; the people who have seen me broken.

I always believed that if you really love a person, never let him go. If he walks away, run after him. That's my philosophy in love.

Being scared means you're on to something important, right?

1) Saw Lola Chie again. (3/7)
2) Paramore concert. (3/9)
3) CRS Cheerdance Squad projection workshop w/ teammate Louie. (3/11)
4) Meralco Cheerdance Competition. (3/16)
5) Meralco Day/My birthday I spent with my barkada. (3/20)
6) My PURPLE Birthday Celebration at San Pablo, Laguna. (3/21)

Movie/s I watched this month:
1) Alice in Wonderland (3/7)

APRIL. This is the month where I had to find acceptance of whatever happened in my life. It was when Arianne asked me this "Tinapon na nga nya, bakit hindi mo pa itapon?" when I realized that it's better to just move on. All the hopes of getting everything back died. At some point, I had to make a choice and I chose to love myself first a little more. Paula Deanda's Overloved was the best song for me.

This was also the time when I started reconnecting with my officemates because I was away more than I was with them during the first quarter of the year because of my extra curricular activities.

1) I lost weight. From 125lbs to 117lbs.
2) Baguio Trip with Karlo, Stephen, Ryan, and Grace. (4/9-11)
3) Got the result of my promotion. (4/21)
4) Heart-to-heart talk. (4/23)
5) My parents' Silver Wedding Anniversary (4/28)

Movies I watched this month:
1) Babe I Love You (4/16)
2) Kick Ass (4/21)

MAY. A month of maturity and higher level of involvement. This was the first time I felt that whether my presidential bet loses or wins, my vote was worth it. Gibo was my president.

Death happens everyday but if it happened to someone you really know, it's different. We miss you, Uncle Ed!

I remember the night of our Cheering Squad outing at Pawikan Island. Everything was surreal. I still recall everything as if it just happened yesterday.

TOS is a barkada to keep. I love you, guys!

All the weight I lost in the first quarter of this year, I gained back this month... prolly more. The downsides of not dancing anymore. I miss dancing. But I missed Musiqality even more.

I lost and found my way this month.

1) Mom's Day celebration at Lim's (5/9)
2) Meralco Valenzuela BC Outing (5/14)
3) Club Bureau for Jaic's Birthday (5/15)
4) Cheering Outing at Pawikan Island (5/22-23)

Movies I watched this month:
1) Iron Man 2 (5/11)
2) Shrek 3D (5/29)

JUNE. The month where I realized that I am finally living, selflessly loving, and really learning. I let myself move at my own pace and I really think that it was by far the best thing I've ever let myself do.

I had another 'first' on this month. It was my first time to watch a Musical Play starred by a famous celebrity. I watched Legally Blonde for free at Meralco Theater. Oh well, the perks of being a Meralco employee. Hehe.

I was able to go back and shop at Divisoria again. It really is the place to be.

1) TOS Trip to Pagudpud (6/11-13)
2) Divisoria w/ Avs and Kiwi (6/19)
3) Legally Blonde Musical Play at Meralco Theater (6/23)
4) Birthday surprise for Avs (6/26)
5) Heart to heart talk with TOS boys and Avs (6/27)

Movies I watched this month:
1) Prince of Persia (6/7)
2) Karate Kid (6/26)
3) Knight and Day (6/30)

JULY. In this month, I've proven that FIRST LOVE NEVER DIES. I tried to set aside dancing to be able to focus on my professional career but it wasn't easy at all. Hinahanap-hanap ko ang pagsasayaw. I can never leave it behind. It's who I am.

I started to feel the hunger for greater knowledge. I want to study again.

I bought a netbook as a late Birthday gift for myself. Best thing about it? It's purple!! Yehesss! That's pretty much the highlight of this month.

Movies I watched:
1) Toy Story 3D (7/1)
2) Eclipse (7/10)
3) Inception (7/24)
4) Hating Magkapatid (7/27)

AUGUST. A month where I felt scared most of the time because of my health. I've consulted my doctors regularly just so I'd know what to do. I was under medication starting this month. One time I was rushed in the hospital after my mom found me almost unconscious in the bathroom.

My dad met an accident. He slipped and bumped his head on a rock. He had a cut. Thank God Medocare covered all the expenses.

So much about health problems.

For the first time, I brought Mitch along with me on an event and introduced him to my friends from the dance community. It took time before it sunk in to them that I am actually dating again. They were happy or me... well, if not all, at least most of them.

1) Mitch's surprise visit at the office (8/19)
2) Maximum Groovity 6 (8/27)
3) Musiqality's anniversary celebration (8/30)

Movies I watched this month:
1) Salt (8/7)
2) Step Up 3D (8/14)

SEPTEMBER. This month was superb. I was finally able to watch the UAAP Cheerdance Competition live. I am kamote no more. Not to mention we had a great seat. Thanks to my dad and to his connections. UP won 1st place, yeah!

I was able to dance with the female members of All Stars for the Skechers Kickoff Party but it was a MAJOR FAILURE. Costume malfunction at its worst. Demmit.

There was that fear that my dreams will not happen for me. Well, broken dreams are still dreams nonetheless. In my 24 years, I felt like I haven't learned anything. I wish I am wrong.

"I think I forgot how it feels to chase the real thing. I think I'm ready again." - How I Met Your Mother

1) UAAP Cheerdance (9/12)
2) Skechers Kickoff Party (9/18)

Movie/s I watched:
1) Mamarazzi

OCTOBER. I was enraged in this month. Someone, a low-life being, tried to ruin me by creating a fake facebook account using my picture and my name. How low can she get. Insecurity is a social disease and there's no cure for that. SORRY. :P As paulo Coelho puts it, Haters are confused admirers who can't understand why everyone else likes you.

October is a special month for me because it was at this month when the right time came. Antonio and I became officially together. I am so happy in love.

1) PBA Opening. Go Meralco Bolts! (10/2)
2) Jacknina & Rocky's Wedding (10/10)
3) Meralco Valenzuela BC Octoberfest (10/15)
4) Surprise for Froggy (10/16)

NOVEMBER. This was a month of events and major detox! I love this month!

I was asked to choreograph a whole routine for the Meter Readers' Recognition Program. But when Balintawak CATL, Sir Kalaw, saw our practices, he asked us to perform at the Corporate Governance Roadshow! Wooooot! This is some sort of an achievement for me because this is my first time to choreograph a whole routine all by myself and I pullet it off.

And because the year was about to end, all the business centers had a planning workshop. Ours was held at Pansol, Laguna. It was more of an outing rather than a planning workshop. Had a heart-to-heart talk with Leri and Rosa.

I also applied for postpaid plans under Globe and Sun. Its more convenient for me.

This was also the first time I experienced Vertigo.

I was re-assigned by Mam Vivian. I no longer handle service applications. I'm now assigned at Complaints Resolution.

1) The Vagina Monologues (11/5)
2) Roadtrip to Alabang (11/16)
3) Nightout with officemates (11/17)
4) Skechers Finals at Araneta (11/20)
5) First Monthsary (11/21)
6) Surprise for Mitch (11/22)
7) Tagaytay Roadtrip (11/28)

DECEMBER. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Lalala ♪♫♪. I wish my brother was here though. This is the 2nd Christmas that we're not together and I miss him big time.

I am proud of myself because I rose above the situation. I was able to forgive someone even though she wasn't even apologizing and worse, not even owning up to her own mistakes. But I was able to do it. Little steps.

1) Quest crew at Eastwood (12/4)
2) Roadtrip to UPLB (12/5)
3) Meralco Christmas Party at Ortigas (12/11)
4) Emcee at Meralco Valenzuela BC Christmas Party (12/17)
5) Musiqaity Christmas Date (12/18)
6) Simbang gabi with Mitch & 2nd Monthsary (12/21)
7) Fortaleza Clan's Christmas Reunion (12/24)
8) House Blessing (12/28)
9) Christmas Party - Pamana Canteen (12/29)

Movies I saw this month:
1) My Amnesia Girl (12/11)
2) Dalaw (12/31)

- 30 -

What a year it was. Life is really full of surprises. Tomorrow is never a promise that's why we should cherish everything and everyone in our life. 2010 was one heck of a memorable year.

Goodbye 2010. Hello 2011.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Random. Again.

  • I keep getting less than what I deserve. Is the problem with me? Or with the people around me?
  • I miss my brother. BIG TIME.
  • To my DEAR officemate, if you really trust your boyfriend like you say you do, then maybe you can leave me alone? And don't go giving me that bad look and deny it in the end. I KNOW WHAT I SAW. Don't go acting all goodie-goodie on me when someone's around and do otherwise when no one's looking. I seriously think you're stuck in highschool.
  • Why can't I feel the things you say. :( Broken promises. That's what you keep giving me so far.
  • Gracie really is my soul sister.
  • I want to go away from everything and from everybody.

First of a Last

Hello December means goodbye November. It's the first day of the last month of this year and I don't think it's a good thing to be feeling the way I do. I don't know. It gives me negative vibes like I'm gonna be feeling this way for the entire month. I hope not.

My day was a total bore. Usually, at this time of the year, I'm already feeling giggly over the thought of Christmas. But I'm not feeling that way, at least not yet. Something just feels so wrong about my day and it frustrates me that I can't identify what that is. Demmit. Instead of writing about positive stuff, I am ranting over a bad day as if something's gonna change if I continue doing this. I don't understand but I really have to let this out with the hopes of being able to get rid of this feeling after this entry. *Fingers crossed*

I guess I'll just have to end this day earlier than usual. Tomorrow should be better. I hope it will be.


P.S. Why do I keep giving almost everything even though I get less of what I know I deserve. This sucks.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First 21.

How we spent the day? Nothing really special except that we played lotto. Harhar! And our "aalilain-mo-lang-ako-pag -nagkatuluyan-tayo-conversation" was just the funniest. We also watched Unstoppable, which by the way is a super cool movie!! Breathtaking. And the best part of the day... we heard mass together. It was just the first and we both pray to have more to come. We are just so happy in love.

P.S. Anj delos Santos and Gracie Manuel, if you two ever happen to read this, THANK YOU for helping me set up the surprise. It worked in a major majora waaaaay! :)

Monday on a Tuesday.

It was like Monday on a Tuesday. I think it's even worse. I don't remember feeling this tired ever because of work. I am so exhausted. Demmit.

P.S. Cheetos lost its magic. Not working.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

philosophy churva

One of my philosophies in life:

If someone does something that I dislike, I react or tell it to them right away. Because if I don't then they'll think that's okay. And if it happens again then it's my fault and I'd have no right to feel bad because I always had a chance to tell them when it happened for the first time and I just didn't.

Boring Saturday.

Friday, November 5, 2010

All About Vagina

After a year or so of trying to hunt a copy of this book, I finally got one. YAHOOOOOOOO!

My very own copy of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues!
FINALLY! Haylavet!

Monday, November 1, 2010

October is out. November is in.

I wasn't able to write much about how October was a blast for me. So much has happened... Too many interesting stories too tell but to tell a few, I'll share two of my most favorite happenings :D

Someone created an FB account using my name and my picture and added some of my Meralco friends. Most of the people my poser added were branch heads and team leaders. At first, I wasn't sure why the account was created though of course my first assumption was primarily to ruin me. I was just able to confirm it when my low-life poser commented on one of my friends' status. "Then go to hell"... That's what the poser wrote. Dumb ass!

To discover who my low-life-desperate-insecure-much-brainless-unicellular poser, was the least of my concerns but figuring out who SHE was was so elementary. I don't know if my poser was just trying to frame up someone. Well, it's either that or SHE was just too dumb to think that I wouldn't find out who SHE is. She's lucky that I didn't even bother to report her to our HR department.

I found out about the account through Jaic. She texted me asking why I created another account in FB. Thanks to her she took the initiative of sending personal messages to those who accepted my poser's invite. In fairness, the poser made me worry. I was feeling so helpless because my internet connection was f*cked up at the time. But like what the old folks say, "the good guys always win". BWAHAHAHAHA in your face!

The poser took the initiative of cleaning up HER mess. YEEEEY! Well, I wanna give her an A for the effort in creating an FB account and for adding an estimate of 50 people from Meralco; and A+ for the effort in creating an email for the bogus account. Matyaga si ate. Big deal ako sa buhay nya, HAVEY!

And for my poser, isa lang ang masasabi ko... "WALANG GAMOT SA INSECURITY TEH, SORRY HA." Imitation, indeed, is the best form of flattery.


I turned another page in my life and decided that now is the right time to start writing another story about love. I just feel so alive and happy and blessed. Life is beautiful... It still is, after all. I am in love and I wanna take this chance to try to see how far this will go. I love you, Michelle Anthony Sabalo Pineda! I am hopeful.

P.S. About the Baranggay elections, I still voted. Harhar!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Apathetic? NAAAAT! :D

I am a registered voter but tomorrow, I guess Imma stay at home or prolly hang out with friends. Not because I'm apathetic or apolitical but because I am clueless on who to vote.

Okay, this is much too non-nonsensical for a comeback post. Ikr.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kamote No More!


It's a really funny thing that I finished college without being able to watch the UAAP Cheerdance Competition live at the Araneta Coliseum. But this year, I will be kamote no more! Oh I'm so excited and I just cannot hide it. Yeyeyeaaaah!! It'll be my first time later. I do hope it's gonna be special. :D FINALLY!!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Hyperactive mind.

Most times we plague ourselves with questions that we know we cannot answer; or at least, not right away. I'd like to think that we all have this tendency to make things hard for ourselves. We complicate things. Come to think of it, had we chosen to care less about the things that bother us, we wouldn't be suffering lack of peace of mind. But because we have a mind and heart and because we know how to use it, we always choose to do otherwise. We always end up forming theories in our mind that we know we are bound to debunk. We debate with ourselves. We try to figure and unravel things out even though we know that we are most likely to fail than to succeed. We always end up recognizing the slim possibility of successfully making sense of everything; failing to recognize the fact that if there's a possibility that we will, there's a greater possibility that we won't. It's just the way it is.

Peace of mind and piece of mind do not really go along pretty well, at least for me. I suck at thinking. I always overthink things and I can't seem to get a hold of it. It's too early to feel tired but my mind already is.

Maybe I can go back to my sleep now.

Monday, September 6, 2010

GV, come to me! Keep coming!

Okay, I'm no longer emo. But I am sick and I don't know why. I don't understand why my temper is 38 when I don't even have colds or a sore throat. Anyway, that's the least of my concerns right now. I'm just feeling this day, though tiresome, I sorta feel bettter - from being highly emo to a little bit emo nalang. Hehe, ang arti lang! Tomorrow, I hope it'll be "No longer emo" :)

Good vibes, come tome. Keep coming to me! I need you! :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

falling apart.

I woke up with the urge to re-read everything I've written here. Maybe I need a validation of how wrong I am when I wrote yesterday that I haven't learned anything for the past 24 years. I need this. I just feel so down since I don't remember when and I want this feeling to go away. I am emotionally tired. The thought of failing has never motivated or challenged me in anyway. In fact, it caused me to drown myself even more with thoughts of how I am falling apart. I am never good in turning negative things into positive thoughts. I no longer have the ability to see the brighter side of things. The fire has died out a long time ago.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

This is me, the raw me. The me that's been hiding all these years. For the first time, I don't feel scared of writing what I want. But as much as I want to write every feeling, every thought as long as this courage lasts I don't think I can do that. It's just not possible for someone like me because I know myself too well. I know perfectly that I will regret it later on if I do that.

But this, I wanna share to those who care and to those who don't. I have a lot going on in my life right now. I am so stressed with my work, my family issues, my health problem, and other personal stuff. Desperately, I am hoping that I will wake up one day and realize that all the problems have gone away. But those kind of stuff only happen in books and I am in no fairy tale. No fairy godmother to offer me wishes. No prince charming or knight in shining armor to come to my rescue. No magic carpet to take me away. This is real life where most things don't come easy.

No matter how hopeless things may seem, I still hope. No matter how broken my heart gets every time I fall, it still beats anyway. No matter how distressed I am by love, I still choose to open up my heart. No matter how down life puts me, I still choose to rise up and live every moment - good or bad. I still choose to live.

I don't understand why when I was living an almost perfect life, I longed for balance between happiness and sadness. And now that I am living the ideal normal life I suddenly feel weak and discouraged. I don't understand why it took me this long to finally recognize that I already have what I have longed for in the past years. Well, life only does what it does best. It always surprise you... never fails.

With this, I'd like to quote a character from How I Met Your Mother, "I think I forgot how it feels like to chase the real thing. I think I'm ready again."

Broken dreams are still dreams.

I am easily frustrated because I dream of a lot of romantic things. I'm no Andy Williams. I don't dream the impossible dream. I only dream of simple things. I dream about things that can happen to someone on any random day. Maybe that's what frustrates me most... that I have to dream of those little things while I see them happening to others every so often.

Oh well, maybe I don't dream and pray for it enough. I just hope that things happen for me before I get too tired of dreaming broken dreams.


Oftentimes, I feel that I do not give enough. It's either I give more or I give less but never enough. And I don't know what the heck is wrong with me. I don't understand why after 24 years I feel like I haven't learned anything. Now, I'm starting to feel scared that none of the things I want and dreamed of will ever happen for me. I'm such a waste. Something is wrong with me and I have to know what that is. I need to get away. I need change.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Excerpt: A Bend in the Road

"Miles found himself thinking about Sarah Andrews once more.

He was attracted to her, that much was certain. He hadn't reacted that strongly to a woman in what seemed like forever...

...But this attraction for Sarah felt. . . new, and it made him feel new as well, as if anything were possible. He hadn't realized how much he'd missed that feeling.

But where would it go from here? That was the part he still wasn't sure about. He couldn't predict what, if anything, would happen with Sarah. He didn't know anything about her; in the end, they might not be compatible at all. There were a thousand things that could doom a relationship, and he wasn't blind to them.

Still, he'd been attracted to her.

Miles shook his head, forcing the thought away. No reason to dwell on it, except for the reason that the attraction had once again reminded him that he wanted to start over."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kinikilig si Sangs.

Someone wrote what he feels in my hand. He traced and spelled the words carefully. It was inkless but it left a mark not in my hand, but in my heart. Haha. In short, kinilig ako. That's all I've meant to say. It really felt good and he is evidently getting good at this.

I am smiling. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Krispy Kreme: Make Today Special

It was a busy day in the office and I was feeling stressed out. But a surprise came just in time and made my day. I am smiling. Really, really smiling.

Just like Krispy Kreme's tag line, "Make Today Special". And today was indeed special... Really, really special. The gift was sweet but the person who brought it is waaaaaaaaay sweeter. Thank you!

Make Today Special

Enjoying the sweetness :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To Multiply or Not To Multiply?

While transferring files from my desktop to my new baby, I saw this folder saved as "For Multiply Upload". So I opened it and boy, was I surprised of how many subfolders were saved there waiting to be uploaded. It has been a long while since I last opened my account. I even had to retrieve the password, imagine that. As per records, my last photo upload was dated October of 2009.

Due to some changes that happened in my life this year, I was reluctant to use my existing Multiply account since it was full of memories of my past. I even considered making a new one. but then I thought, so what if it has too many memories of my past? It was a part of my life no matter what happens and a new multiply account won't erase those memories and it's not like I would mean to that. I've always been good in keeping memories, especially the good ones.

So I decided to keep my old account and to update it. It'd be interesting to browse the account maybe after a year or so and see the transition from one chapter of my life to another. I just wish there's a way to change the user name though; but since there's none (yet), I guess I'm stuck with it.

Check out my Multiply Page:
The Brief Online Documentation of my Life :)


This will be the first time I'll be writing about my health condition. I'm not going to pour out the details, of course. I just want to share this experience.

For the first time, in this series of medical consultations, I went to the doctor alone. I was so scared. Thanks to my uber wild imaginations and dream sequences that I suppose rooted from my belief that I should always expect for the worst but hope for the best. Well actually, there was never a time (so far) that I didn't feel scared of what the findings might be so I'd always bring my mom with me. But since my mom can't come with me, I had no choice but to come alone.

I hope this will be the last time I'll be going through this (physically) alone.

This may sound exaggerated.
Heck I hope that I just exaggerated this.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

hopeless me.

I've been reading about other people's lives. They share such interesting stories every now and then. Made me wonder why my life isn't like theirs. They are about the same age as mine, some prolly even younger but they are out there in the wild chasing their dreams while I'm stuck here in my room dealing with this effin' stiff neck and headache.

Though it's next to impossibility, I hope someone gets disappointed too upon visiting my blog and finds nothing new to read. Kahit isang tao lang, sana meron. Kahit isang tao lang.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Today can't get any uglier. Empty. Much like this entry.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Purple Smile.

I'm finally able to find and buy a purple netbook with great specs at a reasonable price. And I've been thinking of what to name her. Yes, she's a she. Harhar. I'm going nuts! Haylavet!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New-old me.

There were times when I asked why there are relationships that grow cold. I thought figuring out where it went wrong would give me the answers I'm looking for but at the end of my attempts, I am back to where I started - still asking myself. Perhaps, no one can really question love because it's supposed to be felt, not to be figured out.

I just came out of a six-year relationship and the moment it was over, I thought life had already lost its meaning. I didn't know where to pick up from. I didn't know how to start over again. I thought I was faced with an impossible task of forgetting. I thought forgetting him will be the key to my salvation. However, all my efforts to forget him has just doubled the pain. The more that I forced myself into forgetting, the more intense the pain became. So I let myself move in my pace. Then, I started collecting myself, one step at a time. I lived every today and every tomorrow as it came. I started to make plans for myself. I made a list and lost it. But the point here is that I was able to make that first step. I realized and learned so many things. I realized that I can never take him off my heart just like the ones before him. They will forever be a part of me. They are a part of who I am. They were all like an added pillar that strengthened me as a person. I'd like to think they made me stronger and better.

Sometimes you really need to step back to see things in a clearer perspective and that's what I did. Thus, no more victimizing myself. No more why-questions. No more tears. No more hoping. No more pain. I realized that not all good things last. Note that this isn't pessimism. This is reality and this is as real as it can get. This is life.

I have no regrets about what happened. I am just thankful that once in my life the feeling lived in my heart and made me happy. Thank you.

First love NEVER dies ♥

My love for dancing, to simply put it, is undying! It started when I was in pre-school. My mom would always laugh when she talks about how "bibbo" I was. My mom was my first dance instructor. If passion for dancing is hereditary then I must say I got it from her. My dad's a good dancer too, though. His foot works are crazy. And he's really good in Cha-cha, most especially.

Going back to my younger years, I can say I've been dancing all my life. There were times though when I tried to leave dancing thinking it was necessary at the time. But dancing proved to be more that just an extra activity. It became more like my way of life. I dance what I feel and I feel what I dance. It was like that. My love for dancing has been tried and tested over the years. Now, I've finally came to a late realization that nothing and no one can ever take this away from me.

It feels so good to finally go back to dancing again after some months of absence. The feeling is beyond words to describe. I missed dancing and I missed Musiqality above all.

Dancing is love. Dancing is life.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fat Wednesdays

Oh I dread Wednesdays all because of the fit of my uniform. My Wednesday uniform makes me look fat. Oh lemme rephrase that. It really shows that I am fat and is getting fatter. Demmit. I get pretty much the same comments from different people every Wednesday. "Tumataba ka ata ah..", "Ma'am, bumibilog tayo ah.", "Zen parang tumataba ka nga talaga." My reaction? I just answer with a smile while punching them straight on the face in my mind. 'Twas a joke, of course, but half-meant. :D

Gaaaaaad.. this is so depressing. How many times do I have to tell all of you, I am not fat. I'm just BIG BONED! Hahaha!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where was I?

It's been almost a month since my last entry and reading "I missed writing here." shouldn't come as a surprise. Seriously. I wanted to write about everything that happened during my absence but I'm feeling lazy as usual. As much as I hate writing in bullet form, I sometimes make exemptions courtesy of laziness by yours truly. Pretty much like this one. Duh.

  • Eclipse. I finally got to see it. Yes, 'finally' really is the perfect word. It was nice. Bella got prettier and Jacob is still a hunk as ever! I think it's the best among the series. The dialogues were sweeter and smarter. The only thing I didn't like about the story is the climax. It was sort of 'bitin'. Oh and also, I still don't get it why it was entitled as such. It's either I'm too slow or the title really does not have any relevance to the story at all. I guess I better start reading the book. My date thinks the change of director prolly has something to do with the improvements in the screenplay and the cinematography. He can be wrong but I think he's right. Or am I just bias? ;p
  • Toy Story 3 in 3D. Such an adorable movie. It was funny and a tearjerker at the same time. The story sort of reminded me how some things are really inevitable and how these things can hurt you but still make you feel alive. Well, we only gain in life.
  • Divisoria. Another 'finally'. After a long time, I got to visit the place again. Shopped a little with Avs and Kiwi. Had an encounter with flood and wished that Jaic was there with us. Lol. No matter how crowded it gets, Divisoria simply is the place to be.
  • Knight and Day. Had a movie date with Froggy and Avs before going to Avs's surprise birthday party. She was totally clueless and I loved it. Hehe. It was a great gimmick and congratulations to Froggy for a well-planned surprise. :D
  • Legally Blonde. The perks of being a Meralco employee!! Yeah. We got to watch this for free. FYI, I'm referring to Nikki Gil's theater play and not Reese Witherspoon's movie. Nikki was good, in fairness. I didn't recognize Cris Villongco, who played the role of Vivian. And Nyoy Volante really is a small guy. Hehe. Oh and Jet Pangan was part of the cast too.
  • QUALITY TIME. The best part of everything. 'Nuff said. OMG!
  • Family Bonding. I dated my family one Sunday... My treat, for a change. Had a great time; I wish my brother's here though. Yayan, my adopted baby brother, finally had his first professional haircut at Cuts for Tots at Trinoma. He's the cutest rock star ever!! :D
  • Date. Long talk about life, love, and everything in between. Plus the fireworks for the added romantic drama. I am smiling. I definitely am. Thank you. ♥
  • Musiqality. I miss them so bad. I'm so excited to finally see them again after months of being MIA. I missed dancing but not as much as I missed these ladies.
  • Service Application. After six months of handling complaints, I am back in service applications. Paguran nanaman itey! WARLA! Less monitoring, less irate customers, less phone calls, less stress but more pagod... mooooore pagoooood. Demmit!!
  • Masters Degree. I am craving for higher education. Or do I just miss being a student? But this has to wait til next year. My savings is still not enough. Gaaaad... I wanna study again.

Days weren't as boring and as hectic as before. My life started to make more sense and became more interesting. I am finally back on track. Things are a lot better now. The sun always shows up after the storm. That's just the way it is.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It feels so damn good when someone hears a song and automatically thinks of you.

"When I'm in love, it'll be for better.
I'll give you my heart forever and ever.
No arms can ever hold you more than I do.
No man can ever love you babe it's true.
You came to me from heaven, yes it's true."

OH MY GOSH... You make me wanna say,
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.... Oh My Gosh!

Monday, June 7, 2010


I was finally able to watch Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time!! Yey!
It was a really good movie. Every cent was worth it.
I really had a great time.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


I WZ SurPrIsed 2~ seE~ tHat ITz pst 1aM alREADy P0WH.
i dOnT FeeL Sleepy At ol p0Wh.~
wT~ D hEcK P0wh. ~

Haha. What the fart?! Buti na lang hindi english speaking/texting/writing ang mga Jejemons. Ampanget pala pag nagkataon! Jejeje! Oooops! Goodnight, World Wide Web a.k.a. Whole Wide World.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

ANTM Cycles feat My Personal Favorites

I am bored and since I can't feel or think of anything I'd love to rant, I mean write about, this photo-blog entry about my personal favorites in all cycles of America's Next Top Model should suffice.

ANTM Cycle 1
Elysse Sewell

ANTM Cycle 2
Shandi Sullivan

ANTM Cycle 3
Eva Marcille

ANTM Cycle 4
Naima Mora

ANTM Cycle 5
Jayla Rubinelli

ANTM Cycle 6
Danielle Evans

ANTM Cycle 7
Michelle Deighton

ANTM Cycle 8
Renee Alway

Brittany Hatch

ANTM Cycle 9
Chantal Jones

ANTM Cycle 10
Whitney Thompson

ANTM Cycle 11
Marjorie Conrad

*** *** ***

Cycle 14 is still ongoing, if I'm not mistaken. I haven't watched Cycles 12 to 14 and I'm planning to buy a DVD of it soon. I am still bored. Whut da fart?!

Finally Living. Selflessly Loving. Really Learning.

June is so far, okay. Nothing unusual or worth-writing has happened yet. Whether it's a good thing or a bad thing, I don't really care. Though lately, I've spent most of my free time thinking about my life, about what I want, and what I need. I initially planned on making a list of everything I want and need to serve as my easy guide on the things I have to work for. Then I got lazy. HAHA. How I hope it's that easy. Making a list of what you want and need with the goal of crossing out as many as you can. It can be that easy but I know myself too well. I am not good with lists anymore. Chances are, I might even misplace or lose it even before I can cross out something from it.

It's amazing how everyday seemed like a chance of discovering something new about me. Funny how every time I daydream or indulge myself to self-evaluation, I find that I am still not the person I want to be or I think I could be. At least, I'm not becoming the person I hate either. Now, how's that for a good thing? Well, I've been through so much lately and I'm letting myself recover and move at my own pace. I really think that's by far the best thing I've let myself do. And when I finally get back to my old ways, it will all feel like brand new because I've changed. Yes, I did. And everything, good or bad, that I've learned and felt and saw and smelled and touched and thought and did, I owe it all to life. I am alive and I feel alive.

My life isn't perfect, not even close but I love it this way. It is better this way because I am learning (A LOT). This is probably what I need. This is probably what I want.

Monday, May 31, 2010


Did you know that "Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang" was Christopher de Leon's first movie? Now, lemme ask, who can tell that I am bored? Anyone who'd say that I am bored should be crucified! Woooh!

I am sick. I spent the whole day in my room and much to my dismay, I thought I heard Matchbox 20's Unwell play in the background. I could have done a flawless, award-winning MTV for the song. or NOT! Thanks to Cinema One killing time was tad bit easier than expected. And as a matter of fact, I am currently taking time in thinking of things to do for tomorrow because it looks like I'll still be spending the day off. Darn this fever! Note that my temp since noon was consistently 38.5.

I am literally unwell. Boo me!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

As random as it can get.

I am at home but my mind's elsewhere feeding me stuff to think about.

  • I've procrastinated enough and losing weight has to start today. Goodbye fried chicken. Goodbye hotdogs. Goodbye candies. Goodbye chocolates. In short, goodbye good life! Boohoo!
  • I am already 24 and should act and think like 24. I've lacked maturity the past months and handled things poorly. I've hurt people and have no right to complain on how they've hurt me too. It was a rude awakening but I am thankful that I have now came to these realizations. I'll be back on track in no time. I've lost and found my way.
  • Nicholas Sparks once wrote: "We attempt to be accepting of others. Sometimes we aren't but at least we try."
  • Chocolates are effective energy boosters. But since I am placing myself under strict diet, looking at his picture should be enough to keep me going.
  • I need to start saving. I've been working for two years already but I still haven't saved enough. It's not that I don't see where all my salary has gone. In fact, I see a lot of it in my room... in my closet, specifically. I see it in every top or dress that doesn't fit me anymore. Demmit!
  • Goodbye to you, self-absorbed b*tch a.k.a. ME!
  • I am in love. I am in love with life. I am in love with love. I am in love with everything there is to fall in love with. Best of all, I am in love with a fickle-minded-cutesy-patootsy-purple-ogre! I am thinking positively. GV! GV! GV!
  • I still can't believe that I managed to screw up the first half of this year. Oh well, what's new. It's what I do best but ain't it too early for that? I remember promising myself that this year will be MY year; that I will attract all positive vibes and will finally make things happen for me. How do I expect to keep my promises to other people when I keep breaking the promises I make to MEself. I have to grow up. I have to catch up to my age. Seriously.
  • Amidst of all the chaos I am in, God was still kind He gave me someone who amazingly helped me pick up my broken self and reminded me that life is still beautiful after all. THANK YOU.
  • I am no writer and I've had four long years of college life to prove that. Well, I will prolly always be this "wanna-be-this-or-that-or-this-and-that" person until I finally find the motivation I need to actually get up and do something to get what I want or to be who I really want to be. Motivation, where the fart are you?!
  • It's funny how Facebook provides much too many ways on how you can expose your inner feelings in the whole wide world-world wide web (www). By just liking those funny-silly-meaningful pages that regularly appears in your message board, you've somewhat successfully expressed what you feel or want with the great possibility that it will reach the person ion your mind when you clicked "like". Guess what I just liked awhile ago: "Remember how close we used to be? Yeah I miss that :(".
  • The truth shall set you free. It always have and always will. It's much too cliche-ish but the measure of truth in it is undeniable and most of the time, unbearable.

*** *** ***
Tired mind. Tired body. Tired heart. BUT...
I still feel alive.

The BEST MOM awards goes to...

... MY MOM!
Well, not because she is the only mom I have but because she really is the best mom.

I have always wanted to ask her how she does it. I mean, being a mom is the noblest-most-tiresome job ever, not to mention that they cannot take any day off, right? It's not like they can post a note on the fridge and say "I'm on leave. Do not disturb." I know she's tired but still she never lets it show. Our moms are the most selfless human beings in this world and they give the best comfort too, don't you agree? It doesn't matter where as long as I am with my mom, it ALWAYS feels like I am home.

Going back to the days when I was still pasaway, though I still am only that I toned down, I remember some times where I thought my mom would give up on me but didn't. There was a phase in my life when loving me was, I think, the hardest thing my mom ever did. She prolly even doubted herself because of me, of the way I was when I was in grade school and in highschool. Despite of everything and anything, she kept on loving me. I gave her a hard time in loving me but she was still there. She stood by me until I was matured enough to realize everything I did and that I wasn't in any way deserving of her love.

I am who I am because of my mom and the things I learned through her and from her. She is a large part of who I am. She is my best friend. She is my idol. She means the world to me. My mom is my everything! Too much for an over-used statement but if I were given a chance to choose who I want to be my mom, I will choose her EVERY TIME.

I always told myself that by 24 or 25, I will be someone's wife and by 26 I'd be a hot mommah (Hihi!). But because I am still single, I obviously have to make some adjustments. LOL! However, I also always ask myself am I mother material? It sure feels good to have my baby but am I up for the challenge? Am I or will I ever be ready to do what my mom have done for me and for our family? Then I realized, I don't have to worry at all because I LEARNED FROM THE BEST!

Facebook Status: Mothers don't just know best. They also LOVE best!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Bull crap. Ouch.

Someone bluntly told me that my explanations were all "bull crap". Yes, that was the term used. I am not taking it against her if she doesn't want to believe me but does her words really have to be that sharp and painful? It felt as if the sadness and helplessness surfaced and came to me all at once. It was beyond melancholic in so many levels. I initially asked myself what it is that I did that made her hate me that much, you know, to use those kinds of words to pertain to what I call "my feelings". But then I realized, it's not what I did but what I did not do that made her turn her back on me. So yeah, I prolly deserve it.

If only....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mabuhay si Alessandra!

Sabi ni Alessandra de Rossi:

Umarte lang ng naaayon sa itsura. Pag hindi masyadong maganda, wag masyadong maarte.

Haha! Antaray talaga. I saw this posted at a friend's wallpost at Facebook. I just thought it would be funny to repost it. Winner talaga ang hirit ni Alessandra, natural na natural. At higit sa lahat, meron shang point. Aminin! :P

workaholic me?

I spent 13 hours at the office multi-tasking almost half the time - processing service applications while accomplishing my rebilling forms. Spell tired? I'm not even excited for tomorrow because I still have to work on Saturday. Yes, I am a self-proclaimed workaholic and I hate it.

I lost my mood. Have you seen it?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Can't get enough of G1BO.

I can't help but be amazed on how Gibo addresses the questions thrown to him. I just want to share his answer when asked by Sionil Jose of Philippine Star about his vision of the country.

I want to see a Philippines that is peaceful, has strong institutions of governance, has modern infrastructure, has food security, is technologically and educationally advanced, with a people who have the capacity to make rational decisions for themselves, true freedom of thought and of expression, a power in Southeast Asia and perhaps the Asia-Pacific, ecologically rich and diverse, in short a country where our people would want to remain.
I can almost taste hope while reading his answers. To relate, read on Sionil Jose's Interview with Gibo Teodoro. He is the perfect man for the post. I do hope he wins because it is our nation's loss if he doesn't.

G1BO is a smart choice. He is the smart's choice!

I have finally come up with a decision. I finally know who I'm voting for in this coming Presidential elections. I was initially torn between Gordon and Gibo for they were the two best candidates for the post. However, with the help of some articles, websites, fan pages, and the like, I have decided to go for Green. Yes, Gibo is my president.

It is both upsetting and frustrating how the national elections (this and the earlier ones) have become more like a popularity contest than an election where we're supposed to vote based on credentials, legislative accomplishments, and everything of the sort. Most of us think that by voting, we have already exercised our right as a citizen of this country. Yes, that's right. Even I believe that but I also believe that it doesn't just end there. To fully exercise our right to vote entails voting with the right reasons. Vote because you believe in your candidate, in his platform, plans, and capabilities. There are no wrong candidates in every election only better ones. One is always better than the rest and that's why you should root for that candidate, whoever it is. Voting will not definitely make you look apolitical but wasting your vote will make you one. Voting based on the wrong reasons is far worse than not voting at all. Isn't this the time when it is relevant to say that the future is in our hands?

I am not gonna vote for the lesser evil or for someone who has repeatedly, time and again, stressed out that he will end poverty. Instead, I will vote for someone who has aside from concrete plans on how to bring about positive change in the country's situation, also has a deeper knowledge and understanding of leadership. With this, let me quote Gibo, "I believe the country, more important than needing a strong leader, needs strong leadership. This is the difference between what I perceive to be contemporary viewpoints, the failure to distinguish between the person and the institution. Oftentimes, strong leadership is built around an individual and stays that way, while I believe in creating lasting institutions with the clear position that my participation will be temporary."

The last line of his statement was my favorite. With our economic situation, what we need is a leader like him; someone who walks the talk, works with integrity, and has a genuine want to put our country back on track. The other candidates may also have these attributes. It's just that with my president, I AM CERTAIN.

Wala si Zen... tulog... lumabas... nasa banyo!

Have been feeling sick since the other night so I've decided to take a leave from work. For the meantime, I'll just take advantage of my situation and do what I've wanted to do on times like this - BUM OUT! :D Movie Marathon. Blog. Surf the net. YouTube. Music downloads. Iso.hunt. Food trip. SLEEP.

In short, today will be "buhay baboy" day!
I'll Oink the day away!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

on smiling and cancelled plans.

I am sad but yeah,

on to randomness.

Just got this from a friend's page. I'm re-postin'.. waddup!

"As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn’t supposed to ever let us down, probably will. You’ll have your heart broken and you’ll break others’ hearts. You’ll fight with your best friend or maybe even fall in love with them, and you’ll cry because time is flying by. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive freely, and love like you’ve never been hurt. Life comes with no guarantees, no time outs, no second chances. You just have to live life to the fullest, tell someone what they mean to you and tell someone off, speak out, dance in the pouring rain, hold someone’s hand, comfort a friend, fall asleep watching the sun come up, stay up late, and smile until your face hurts. Don’t be afraid to take chances or fall in love and most of all, live in the moment because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back."

* * * * * *

I'm still not done with my soul-searching.
And I'm praying so hard for everything to go okay.
I already know what I want and I finally know what to pray for.
Been successful in clearing up my mind.
I'm getting up again and this time I am stronger.
I know better now. I am BETTER.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

...of silver and love.

In a few hours it'd be my mom and dad's Silver wedding anniversary. Awww.. How time flies. I can still remember when I or we thought that they aren't going to make it this far. Well, everybody go through tough times. Sabi nga, the wisdom we gained via experiences, we owe to the sad/bad/tough/whatever-you-wanna-call-it times, right? :) And now, here they are, at home, fighting sleepiness just to kiss and greet each other at exactly midnight. Oh I'm singing... "25 years of my life and still trying to get that great big deal of hope.. lalala ♪♫" WAHAHAHA. Kiddin'. How about "Endless Love" for the added cheesiness and extra drama, eh?

I am so proud of and happy for mom and dad for getting this far. Their marriage may not be perfect (whose is, anyway?) but see, they still stuck around and soldiered on and will, in a few hours, celebrate 25 fruitful years of togetherness. This somehow makes me want to believe (again) that it's worth it to risk being cut open for a promising prize that we all call "forever".

Someday, I wanna be able to have this same experience. I wanna be able to enjoy that great feeling of sharing 25 years of marriage with someone and be able to look back and laugh at myself 25 years ago when I doubted love. This is indeed a moment to be merry. I just wish I had ample time to prepare a sweeter surprise/gift. And oh, how I wish I can reveal the surprise on time for their anniversary; but unfortunately, the surprise has to wait until mid of May. Dang! Better late than never, I always say (as an exuse.. errr!).

I love my parents.
I love silver.
I love love.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oh I just wanna be...

... a JEJEMON!

I just wanna be Overloved by someone who's over in love with me.

Yesterday SPENT.

Spent the whole morning at the office. More computations, more fun.. Yehessss!! Miraculously, I didn't feel bored or lazy or not in the mood while dealing with paper works. I was productive, for a change. And oh I missed bonding with my officemates! I certainly hope they missed me too. Well, mukha namang oo.


Spent the whole afternoon at the mall with a friend. And the perfect word for the afternoon was "FINALLY". I just wish we had a longer time to kill. The "usap time" was sort of bitin but I'd rather have it that way than none at all.


Spent the night with Musiqality. We were supposed to get tired and sweaty altogether. But BOO ME I got injured even before I can warm up for our gymnastics training. So I just stayed on the side and enviously watched them sweat up in doing some skills. DEMMIT.

Friday, April 23, 2010


I finally got the result of my promotion.
Thank you, Lord!! :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Epiphany, and et cetera.

I had an epiphany.. The moment was a rude awakening. I was sooo stupid to even believe that something good was gonna happen today. I was stupid to believe that he's gonna go out of his way for me. Who am I anyway. I'm just this stupid girl who, out of sheer stupidity, hoped for a stupid miracle. Not into me... not into me... not into me...

* * * * * *

It was a long and tiring day. Went to Ortigas for a consultation with our company dietitian and dermatologist. I was there from 11:15 to 4PM just sitting around, wandering, waiting, hoping to see a familiar face. Ate snack with Istipen then went to Trinoma. Met with Gracie and Istipen (again) at around 6PM at Starbucks. We can't think of anything to do so after eating at Goldilocks, we decided to watch Kick Ass. It was sorta morbid. Nevertheless, we liked it.

* * * * * *


Saturday, April 17, 2010

you were there.

i had a dream.

it was sorta blurry.

but you were there.

we were together.

nothing unusual though.

you were just there and i was too.


Pesteng Love yan!
Ang sakit sa ulo!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What was up with me today. I had no energy at all and I intentionally swamped myself with paper works and computations. While my office mates were laughing, I was there at the other end of the lobby pretending not to hear anything. I was sort of anti-social. I felt empty. I wasn't feeling happy nor sad... as in nadah! I was the last one to go home. It was around 7:40 when I swiped out. That was the end of my Thursday at the office.

* * * * * *

Am I really ready? Am I really up for this? For the nth time, I'm throwing myself out there in the wild. and yes, I feel scared but it's not what's out there that scares me really but the uncertainty of what lies ahead. It's the uncertainty of what's gonna happen that bothers me. But hey, I'm done with being safe so let this battle begin.

* * * * * *

Stranger in love. Oh life!

* * * * * *

Happy Birthday, Coach Ayeng Paitone! ♫♪

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Spent the weekend at Baguio with my co-employees. It was a much-needed vacay. I am so stressed and Baguio was a sweet remedy! It always is. ♥ I was planning on posting some pictures but I forgot I gave Gracie my camera since I am feeling lazy to upload everything. Well, to sum it up, I HAD FUN.

Since I was there last year, I sorta took the honors of touring them around. It was one hell of a trip. The food was super great and the place, Woaaaah! I am still blown away by its beauty. We took a lot of pictures.. as in a lot. When I say "a lot", I'm talking about more or less 500 photos! See?! We had so much fun. We were stress-proof. Hihi.

Baguio is lalalalooooooooove! ♥

* * * * * *

I remember I planned on traveling frequently this year and so far I think I'm doing good.
Bohol... Baguio... San Pablo, Laguna... what's next? :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

About Me? Fail!

I thought of writing something else in my profile here in Blogspot instead of the plain "I DANCE." beside my picture. But I can't think of anything to write. How's that.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Senselessness at its finest.

I'm having a hard time catching sleep. Once again, I am in a kaleidoscope of emotions and random thoughts are bombarded in my poor brain. Can't stop my mind in wandering from one thought to another. Demmit.

I used to make sense. I really do. Maybe all I need is another one of those nights where the moon is blue, with any random slow song in the background for the extra drama. Hehe.

The silence of the night usually do me wonders but now, I think I lost its magic.
Well, all I really wanna say is... I effin' wanna sleep.

Today is Monday, I know right.

So it's my first day with my new work schedule and I must say,
I feel like time's going by a bit more fast than the usual.
I still have to adjust with my lunch break a.k.a. nap time, though.
By four o'clock, I was effin' ready to go home.
How cool is that.

* * * * * *

I've mentioned in one of my previous entries that I was supposed to be out of town
during the holy week. Not going wasn't as bad at all until I saw the "whoever-didn't-go-missed-a-lot-and-will-regret-not-going-big-time" pictures!
Demmit! But hey, it was a sacrifice I thought I should make.
It's for the Lord so I guess that's acceptable. No, IT IS ACCEPTABLE.

* * * * * *

Monday usually is a critical workday for our office. As expected,
customers came in by tens, take note, per minute. We were forced to vacate our counters
so that it can be used for the payments too. Lucky me because the smell
and ambiance in our office was really, really awful. Plus, the temperature felt like hell.

* * * * * *

I missed someone today.

* * * * * *

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sheesh, I forgot.

My work sched for the month of April is now 7am to 4pm.
..And "what am I still doing up late?" is the perfect question.

Monday.. Oh, I hate Mondays.

Holy Sh*t!

These ladies are monsters! Hindi ako marunong sumayaw. Sabi na nga ba eh, putek! I just have to share this one. They really killed it! Deeeymm!

Yung sharpness and laki ng galaw ni Rino and yung locks ni Maryss, da best! Oh I just love it how these two is bringing it old school!

To relate, click on the link:

i just have to say this.. I AM JEALOUS.

Been reading on others' blogs for quite sometime now. And as much as I hate to admit it, I am jealous of how interesting their lives sound. Ow-em-nyi. I hate the fact that my life is either a haywire or a bore. I mean, yes, good things happen here and there but hey, it still doesn't make up for all the not-so-good and neither-good-nor-bad happenings in my life.

Oh how I wish, my entries will have more sense.. or my life, for that matter.


Okay, I should be on my room cleaning up and re-arranging stuff because that was the plan since i wasn't able to go out of town with some friends. But obviously I'm helplessly vegetating (again) in front of my computer. I'm lucky mom's asleep because she'll prolly go ballistic on me once she sees that I am online again.

Lately, I've been thinking of dressing up my online haven with a new theme. But then again, I am feeling oh so lazy to do so. Well, what's new? It's not like this is the first time this happened. Which brings me to coming up with this so-called strategic plan of accomplishing not-so-important stuff that I've been planning to do during my free time, which should have been already done if I wasn't either too lazy or too sleepy or not in the right mood. I'm giving myself this whole week to hopefully eliminate everything on my "watudu" list.

The "WATUDU" List:
1) Watch Babe, I Love You (of course, this is top priority!)
2) Update my playlists (both in my phone and in my player)
3) Organize files in my desktop (includes proper labelling of folders, segregating files, deletion of no-longer-needed files)
4) Delete messages from my old phone (as of final count, 7,587-sent; 6,099-inbox; and 1,566-on other folders)
5) Dress up online havens (Blogspot and Wordpress)

So there you got it. Now I'm asking if this is really feasible? I mean, for a whole week? Haha. Imma try but I just have to say, I know myself too well. Oh well, who knows I might actually pull this off.

Together, let's keep our fingers crossed, c'mon now.

NOTE: For the record, Congratulations are not yet in order.

Friday, April 2, 2010

home alone, demmit!

Since Dad's leaving for China and my mom's leaving for Bataan tonight for the company outing, I am home alone. And since I've decided to include staying at home for the rest of the week in my list of sacrifices, I am stuck here.

I'm currently listening to some old love songs. As in as old as Air Supply, Barry Manilow, Stephen Bishop, and etc... Trip lang. Senti-senti since I have the house all to myself. Haha. I need to keep my mind relaxed. Nakaka-praning kasi ang katahimikan.

Ow-em-nyi. Three more hours to go before midnight. I am patiently waiting. I am wishful that I am not alone in this... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh, I love this playlist. I really do!

The Third Sacrifice.

Seems to be the simplest, yet the hardest to make. Good thing it was just good for 24 hours. Midnight.. Midnight... how many more hours? Today is so empty. Boohoo!

Thanks to Cinema 1, ETC 2nd Ave, and my pirated DVD's for helping me kill time and for keeping me sane.

Oh well, it's not called sacrifice for nothing.


We were almost there.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

em so bek!

Been idle here for quite some time now. In that stretch of time, so many things have happened. So many changes have taken place. As much as I want to recall everything and jot it down here, I guess it's better to leave it all behind and just start writing again about "the now". I don't know where and how to start, anyway. But prolly, you'll have an idea about these unwritten happenings in my life as you read on my next entries, if you ever will. :)

I'm here at my cousin's place (supposedly) spending some quality time with my relatives. But obviously, I'm doing otherwise. Got nothing much to do here and since I'm feeling this unmanageable urge to write, tadah!

In observance of the holy week, I am thinking of what kind of sacrifice to make.. you know, sort of a penitence. Then I remembered I've been going out with friends almost every night. Been going home in the wee hours of the morning, which is (NOTE: I perfectly know) super dangerous. So I guess that'll be my sacrifice. I'll stay home for the rest of the week. And will
quit going home late. Hehe. Yes, I know it sounds shallow and simple but aside from this, meron pa. Something too personal to write here. ;P

And oh before I forget, the BIGGEST update! My top-favorite one.. I LOST WEIGHT! Chyeah!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

i miss you.

I miss you. Oh yes, I definitely do.
Wala e, ganun na lang. Wala na lang magawa.
Define helpless.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

back to writing.

i want to get back to writing so badly.
i want to get back to sharing a part of me to the whole wide world.
or to whoever cares to waste time in reading this.

i wanna get baaaaaack!

there's just too much to share.
too much to rant about.
too much to laugh about.
too much to talk about.

i miss you, blog.

he wrote me a letter.

He told me he loves me. wut the eff.
Imma kick his sorry ass.
Dirty Old Man.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

ubo. ehem.. ehem..

Matagal-tagal na rin akong may ubo. Napamahal na nga ata sakin tong ubo na to sa sobrang tagal ng pinagsamahan namin eh. Parang ang hirap na tuloy i-let go. Haha. Parang sa life lang. May mga bagay na kahit napamahal na sayo hindi mo maaaring angkinin. Sabi nga, you just have to love it while it's there. Darating ang panahon na kakailanganin mong pakawalan ito; kahit mahirap at kahit ayaw mo. Ganun talaga ang buhay. Ang tanong na lang, Kelan?

Walanyang ubo 'to.

Friday, January 15, 2010

midnight blue

Do TIME really heal all wounds? Or do we just realize that someday, the things that wounded us, at one point, will become irrelevant; that dwelling on to something negative for so long is just plain stupid.

Is there really a difference between these two?

Clock strikes twelve. My time is up.

first for 2010

It's kind of funneh that I'm writing my first entry for 2010 about my first leave from work for this year. Cool eh!

Been sick for awhile now. On and off fever, dry cough, muscle pain... boohoo!! If I remember it right, this started last week. Despite the fevers and colds, I kept on working. I didn't want to take a leave from work this early. It's just January, haller! But today, I had no choice. I am literally voiceless because of last night. We had a send off party for our business center head. I had a blast so I guess it was pretty much worth it. :D

So today, I'll just rest and try my best to get well. Also, will prolly see Sherlock Holmes this afternoon! Imma date myself! Wooot!

FB Stat: Ang lalamunan ko ay parang pickup lines, gasgas na gasgas!