Thursday, April 28, 2011

26 years.

It's my mom and dad's 26th anniversary today. We celebrated, all four of us. They picked me up at the office after my duty (4pm) then we went to this small spa near SM Marilao, Solace Spa. We had a relaxing massage. After the massage, we went to Pixie's and bought dinner. Then to another stall of a very infamous yummy crispy pata. Then at Ministop and bought Icecream and a cake. Then went home and had a simple dinner with baby brother and his yaya. I super love this day. We are so happy celebrating their love.

Twenty-six Years of togetherness. Cheers to the good life!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I am 25.

When you get to "THE" stage of your life where you, sooner or later, would be altar-bound, your priorities, goals, perspective, and lifestyle change. Everything changes. At least for me.

Growing up + Feeling grown up = Another (higher) level of maturity

When I was younger, I thought the perfect life plan is to get married at age 24 and have a baby at 25. That was the kind of life schedule (if I should call it that) my mom had so I wanted my life to happen that way too. But I realized, it's really not something that can be scheduled or planned.

So here's the thing, I am 25. Not yet married, not even engaged, and (fortunately) not yet a mom. In short, the life plan I constructed for myself was more like just some random note doodled on a scratch paper out of boredom that should go directly to the trash bin and be recycled. But hey, I do not feel any remorse about this. I'm happy the way my life turned out to be. I am young. I have a loving boyfriend, a stable job, and lots of good friends. I am living a pretty much happy life.

Last night, I got myself to thinking and it has dawned on me how I've matured and changed over the years. From thinking about booze and monopoly nights with friends, taking a leave at work for a dance gig, random movie nights, and the like, I now think of saving up for the future, taking up masters degree, job promotion, marriage and family. Wow, things are really different now. I am still the same person though, only with different priorities. Different goals.

I am at a point in my life where:
Boyfriend comes first before family.
Work before leisure.
Church before play.

I don't mean this is in any negative way. We were taught that family should always come first and that was what I was taught too but things are different now. I am now building a life of my own. A life that only I can make or break and it's not like I love my family any less. I love them just as much, prolly even more. Thing is, I like to build with my boyfriend a relationship as deep as I have with my family because I know someday, he will be my family. We will be each other's family.

Life is never simple nor easy. It's not like a movie where you write the script and everything just falls accordingly. It can change faster than a snap. It's your response to the changes that determines how your life will go. It's your life... live it. Just some tip though, if you think you've had it all figured out, you haven't. *naughty grin*

Friday, April 22, 2011

Summer Outing? Duh.

The title has a tad bit of sarcasm on it. After I've updated my planner-slash-journal and my calendar of events/activities I've posted in my room, I just realized that I'll be out on all weekends of May. Well, almost all since the last week is still free. I really didn't realize it. I just kept saying yes to different groups of friends who planned to get together this summer. I can just imagine how neg-neg i'll get after all these outings. I will be a CHINITA. Half Chinese-Half Ita. Bwahahahaha!!


April 30 to May 1: Summer getaway with CRS Cheering Team 2011 (THUNDERS) at Puerto Galera
May 7 to May 8: Summer getaway with UPLB Street Jazz Dance Company at Nasugbu, Batangas
May 13 to May 14: Summer getaway with my BARKADA in the office at Canyon Cove
May 21 to May 23: Summer getaway with MITCH and another set of Meralco barkada at Boracay
May 28: STILL VACANT. Hahaha!

The downside of having lots of friends is spending much on seasons like Summer and Christmas. I remember, being on the same situation last December. Well, that was off-topic. Anyway, I can't wait for May.

Oh wait, what's the highest SPF available for sunblock again? *Big Smile*

You are my pain.

No matter how disappointed I get. Or how much long you keep me waiting. I will still be feeling this way. So go ahead... disappoint me, do keep me wait until I run out of patience. Keep doing it until the day I feel no sadness despite the disappointments anymore... Until I know no more pain... Until I turn numb. Til then, I will still say, I love you.

...and because I KNOW you're constantly checking on my blog site.

Call me judgmental, arrogant, assuming. I don't care. I call this being REAL.



I don't need to be close to you or to talk to you everyday just to know you or the type of person that you are. You're much easier to read than a book I've kept since pre-school.

Truth is, I don't like you because I know you don't like me too. I've long tried to contain the fact that ignoring you forever will not be possible since we are on the same field but I will not be harmed if I try. I have tried a couple of times though to be friends but for some reason, I end up vomitting inside. I really cannot do it. Not just yet.

Probably because I still can not understand why on Earth would you make a fake account of mine in Facebook and try to ruin me. How low can you get and WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU? Huh. WHAT?! And the best-worst part of all of this is that you don't think that I'd find out. Well, be surprised because I did!

You think you're smart and you've figured everything out. You mapped out a plan of ruining me. Step 1: Create a Facebook account using my name and my picture. Step 2: Add friends who you know works at Meralco too. Step 3: Wait til a friend posts something. Step 4: And when someone finally does, you'd write stupid, mean, and low-life comments. Saying "THEN GO TO HELL!" for example. "Then go to hell"??? What the eff. Is that the best you've got. I honestly thought you could come up with something better. Something that's cheaper and dumber. But say what, you never fail to disappoint me, that is to say.

Here's another truth, I have not forgiven you yet. Forgiving someone who's not even asking for forgiveness and worse, not even owning up to the mistake, is not something that I am really good at. I am still frantically mad about this though it's been six months already since then. I can not forget nor forgive what you did.

Now, if you really want to be my friend, you just have to leave me alone. Let me move at my pace and STOP pushing my buttons. Use your mind and grow up. When that happens (if it ever will) then we can be friends.


Whew! I feel a whole lot better now.

Ay Em Paking PAGOD =(

1) Of nursing all these "why" questions.
2) Of hoping that things will get better.
3) Of feeling inferior.
4) Of understanding things that I don't really know.
5) Of feeling fat and unpretty.
6) Of feeling that I'm never good enough to get what I want.
7) Of hearing pleas and excuses of why things are the way they are.
8) Of feeling like I am non-existent.
9) Of waiting for nothing.
10) Of being stubborn.

I really need to be slapped in the face. True friends, where you at?
Slap me, please. Slap me f*cking hard.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Six months and counting ♥

Mitch and I celebrated our sixth monthsary in advance because the 21st would fall on Holy Week. We spent the day together and since we agreed to do something different on special occasions like our monthsary, we tried the Manila Bay Cruise at Mall of Asia. We took the Sunset cruise schedule (5pm-7pm) so we could watch the sunset together and watch the fireworks while cruising in the bay. It was a nice experience. The scenery wasn't outstanding, though. And the food offered in the cruise wasn't really that great. However, it was such a romantic experience to watch the sea turn orange as the sun exits the horizon.

Aside from the Manila Bay Cruise, we also tried Banchetto for the second time. We ate breakfast there. It took us about half an hour to decide on what to eat and on what stall to buy it from. Food was amazing!! We were really stuffed. After at bacnhetto, we went straight to MOA to catch a movie. We watched Big Mommas II and it was friggin' hilarious! After the movie, we strolled around then ate lunch at Kitaro where we spent half of the time laughing and camwhoring. Since the cruise isn't until 5pm, we killed time at Timezone where we, for the nth time, tried to take home a stuffed toy from one of the machines. Every attempt was an epic failure but we still had a great time. Then by 4:40, we left Timezone and went to the port of Prestige Cruise, Inc. The cruise was pretty much the highlight of our celebration.

Now, we're done with six and so ready for our seventh month. We can't wait for our next celebration. We'd be on Boracay! Yeaaaah! Fast forward to May 21, please!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inlababong Bogart: Post #1

He's all that matters. He can either break or make my day. Only he can do that. I'm just so in love and i can no longer explain why. Prolly because this time it's really real. He's that someone.*crossfingers*

Monday, April 11, 2011

Some of my Untold Adventures (March 2011)

March was a busy month for me, especially at work. The only good thing about this month is that I lost wait effortlessly. I met an injury. I have tendonitis. I can't bend or straighten my left leg without feeling tremendous pain. I've always been very tolerant with physical pain so when I say something hurts, it really does. Boohoo! Oh, and I turned 25. This is by far the best birthday ever.

Meralco-Valenzuela Business Center Summer Outing 2011
Villa Concepcion Wet n Wild (Marchn 5)

We have "special" guests!

Yayan meets Kuya Mishhh
Cosmikidz, Mall of Asia (March 12)

We look so wasted because we've been chasing Yayan around the playplace.

CRS THUNDERS (March 17, 2011)


At our humble home (March 20)

The best birthay everrrrrr!! :)

Dad's Buffet, West Ave (March 21)

Oh happy day... ♫♪♫

Meralco Fitness Center (March25-27)

One beat... GO MERALCO!!

Wooooaaaah, whattamonth! Loads of activities and responsibilities! Nevertheless, I'm so happy with how this month went. I had the best birthday ever and celebrated it with the people that I lalalalaloooooooove!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some of my Untold Adventures (February 2011)

I've only written few entries for this month because I was so busy. So here's some of the things that I haven't shared in here.

Manila Zoo (February 6)

Our little rockstar on his little adventure.

Subic (February 12 an 13)

Love overload! *love*

Recipes, Trinoma (February 14)

Lucky me, I have you. The best Ogre in town. *love*

2nd MUSICAL PYROLYMPICS - China vs. France
MOA (February 26)

Cause baby you're a firework *love*

It was a February to remember. Definitely.

Some of my Untold Adventures (January 2011)

Here are some of my untold adventures or activities last January that I wasn't able to share here because of either laziness or busy-ness! Lol.

GOODBYE 2010, HELLO 2011!

STEPHEN PIA's Birthday Celebration

with the Birthday celebrator :D

the TOS that I love. I miss these guys.

TOS's first baby. Another addition to my list of godsons/daughters.

He's an angel without wings.

The pretty ninangs! *clears throat*

The crazy ninongs. Ow em nyi. Poor baby!!

3rd Monthsary & Mitch's (Late) Birthday Celebration

Lalalala-loooooove <3

The whole gang =)

January was a blast. I started the year right and everything's A-ok! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Somebody in love with someone.

Somewhere along the road, you'll meet someone who will change your life. A person who will not change you but instead, will bring out a part of you that you never knew existed. And you'll love and hate the person that you are when you're with him - so patient, always understanding, always giving, never doubting, just loving. It's always his feelings before yours. Always him before you. Always. He has that great power over you all because you love him. And when you finally realize how much you have abused yourself, "Too Much Love Will Kill You" will play on the radio for the added coincidental drama. But you just laugh it off. C'mon, you love the person and if that's the case then you're ready to die anytime; afterwhich, you will still feel like you're on Cloud 9... Because this is what he do to you. He drives you crazy. He makes you fall endlessly.

He will hurt you in many different ways but will always stay loyal, faithful, and in love with you. He will upset you today then make you happy tomorrow; Disappoints you on the day after and will make you laugh the next day. He will give you a dose of frustrations at its most bitter taste every now and then but you'll still love him anyway. No matter what he do or how he disappoints you, you never see any reason to give up loving him.

He doesn't seem to know how much you love him no matter what you do or no matter what kind of surprise you come up with. That's just the way it is. That's just not possible because your words and actions combined will still not suffice the way you feel about this person.

You always want to see this person and be with him. But as much as you want to see him everyday, instances will not allow it and later on you realize that is a good thing. It somehow gives you time for yourself, or time with other things and other people. It provides you room to miss each other. You get to feel that strong urge of wanting and needing to see him... to be with him... with silent hopes that he feels the same. With him, there's always something to look forward to. You'll never know what to expect.

He is that someone you always think of in anything and everything you do. He makes the good things all the more joyful and makes the bad things easy to bear. He is that someone you want to talk to after a long day at work because just hearing his voice is enough to keep you energized. He is the first person you think of when something good comes up. And when you see an upcoming movie that interests you, you'd want to see it with him. When you feel the need or just simply want to go somewhere, he's the first person you want to travel with. Needless to say, you just want this person to be a part of everything you do.

When asked to spell love, you would spell out his name because to simply put it, he is your everything. He is your love. He is your pain. He is your happiness. He is your frustration. Every good thing about you is him. You love him and you just keep on falling and you will never hit the ground.