Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I really wanted to write last night to somehow release this depression. But I know myself too well. I may end up writing something that I wish I didn't. So I let the moment pass before I decided to blog about this. I don't want to go in to details anymore, though. Wow, parang si KC lang. Hehe. 

I need someone to talk to or so I thought. But I realized it'd be pointless. It'd just be a waste of time for the people who knows what I'm going through right now because they'll just be hearing and saying the same thing. And it's tiresome too, you know. Hearing the same thing from different people. I'm tired of being told of my stupidity or martyrdom or whatever this can be called. So I preferred to stare on this lifeless monitor that won't even console me. Blogging has always been one of my refuge at times like this. I just hope it hasn't lost its magic yet. We'll see.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Of course, just like last 9.10.11, I wouldn't miss having an entry dated 11.11.11. for the world. This comes only once in a lifetime. I think that's about it.

P.S. If it wasn't too personal, I'd write a letter for someone here. For now, I'd rather keep my thoughts to myself.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Of long weekends and Nostalgia

Spent the long weekend at Ilocos with my highschool friends. I am so glad I joined the trip. Every penny was worth it. The great scenery, the trip, the food, the bonding, the pictures, everything about it was a great and fun, fun, fun experience.

'Twas my second time to visit the place. The first was in June 2010 with my friends from Meralco. However, I was still blown away by the beauty of Ilocos - the vintage establishments, the history, and the beach.

From L to R: Maricar.Princess.Camille.Dim.Jojo.Gene.Jhul.Kit.ME.Mikes.Rona.

The whole trip was crazy and full of excitement and laughter. There was never a dull moment while we were awake. It was like running back and forth memory lane. We talked about a lot of stuff; most are crazy and some are serious. Oh my, it was really fascinating to see how each of us have grown and  matured but is still the same person that we were back in highschool. One got engaged already; most are still single; one is heartbroken; the other came out of his closet and is more gay than I can imagine. All of us have a job but still figuring out if we really are on the right track.

It was fun to look back on the old days. The place was perfect for our trip because it was like going back in time when we were just highschool kids who dreamt of having the perfect job and making good money.

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