Thursday, January 21, 2010

ubo. ehem.. ehem..

Matagal-tagal na rin akong may ubo. Napamahal na nga ata sakin tong ubo na to sa sobrang tagal ng pinagsamahan namin eh. Parang ang hirap na tuloy i-let go. Haha. Parang sa life lang. May mga bagay na kahit napamahal na sayo hindi mo maaaring angkinin. Sabi nga, you just have to love it while it's there. Darating ang panahon na kakailanganin mong pakawalan ito; kahit mahirap at kahit ayaw mo. Ganun talaga ang buhay. Ang tanong na lang, Kelan?

Walanyang ubo 'to.

Friday, January 15, 2010

midnight blue

Do TIME really heal all wounds? Or do we just realize that someday, the things that wounded us, at one point, will become irrelevant; that dwelling on to something negative for so long is just plain stupid.

Is there really a difference between these two?

Clock strikes twelve. My time is up.

first for 2010

It's kind of funneh that I'm writing my first entry for 2010 about my first leave from work for this year. Cool eh!

Been sick for awhile now. On and off fever, dry cough, muscle pain... boohoo!! If I remember it right, this started last week. Despite the fevers and colds, I kept on working. I didn't want to take a leave from work this early. It's just January, haller! But today, I had no choice. I am literally voiceless because of last night. We had a send off party for our business center head. I had a blast so I guess it was pretty much worth it. :D

So today, I'll just rest and try my best to get well. Also, will prolly see Sherlock Holmes this afternoon! Imma date myself! Wooot!

FB Stat: Ang lalamunan ko ay parang pickup lines, gasgas na gasgas!