Monday, October 1, 2012

When blogging doesn't seem enough

I'm not sure of what I exactly feel right now except that I know I feel bad. My mind is cluttered with sad thoughts and I think I am mad. Not the mad "crazy-mad" but the angry kind of mad. I don't understand why am I in this position when all I did was be a good friend in the way I know how. Why do I need to be in this kind of situation? I really feel so bad about the things that I can't change; of the people that I thought I grew close with; of the friends that I thought I'd always have; of the happiness that's drifting away; of the part of me that I no longer love. It's like seeing too many familiar things in a new light; feeling lost in a place you've always known. It's too complex and it's changing me in ways I no longer cope with. I'm tired. Dead tired.