Thursday, September 24, 2009


...and I'm super, duper, mega, as in uber to the nth level RELIEVED.
Where's my bed?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Non-sensical. IKR

I'm trying to recall everything that happened today to try to see if there's anything worth blogging about. And nges huwaaaaat.. WALA. :D So I guess, you are stuck with my rants about how stressful this day was.

I arrived at the office around 7:45 and was pissed off to see na meron na agad trabaho na nagihintay sa desk ko. Ow-em-nyi! Akala ko pa man din makakapaglaro ako ng games sa pc ko, haha! Imagine, from 7:45 am to almost 6 pm, the only rest i had was my 15-minute break in the morning, lunchbreak, and the times I acted like I needed to go to the restroom. Oha oha! It was indeed a long day.

It rained again. Oh please rain all week except on Saturday, PLEASE.. PLEASE.. *hopeful

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chopsuey. The concept, not the gulay. =D

I dated my mom. We watched KimmyDora. It was my second time to watch the movie. I still laughed on some parts, especially sa mga paborito ko like ung "Pwede ka nang magulat" part and ung "Peter Piper" chuva at the end. Basta natawa pa rin ako. Yun yown. :D

Ow-em-nyi. As in umayngas talaga. Now, I'm nervous. Parang bigla hinaunt nanaman ako ng ilang "really-bad-and-heartbreaking" memories na naka-imbak sa isip ko. Akala ko keber na lang ako pero kanina bigla nanaman ako nakaramdam ng kaba. Ohwell, I guess I just have to see what will happen next. :s Darn it, Facebook!

Tomorrow. I don't want to get too excited BUT hey, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I am smiling. Really smiling.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Such a good day =)

Another ME-day for me.. YAHHHHHHOOOOOOO!! Salamat naman at napapadalas na ang pahinga ko. I'm super loving this!! :) I'm excited for today coz Imma see Musiqality. I missed them.. lalo na ung mga hindi namin kasama sa Telus gig last time. We'll be attending the Skechers kickoff party at MOA later. So that's one reason to be super excited for the day.

Also, as a part of my ME-day, I'll be heading off to a salon to get my nails done and to have a haircut narin siguro (?).. I'm still undecided. Basta, this is going to be a good day!! Woooh!

About yesterday, it was very stressful. Stress from work and some selfish and insensitive people. Gaaaaaaad.. why do people like them exist, why oh why?!
"Lahat ng sobra, at some point nakakasama."