Friday, October 21, 2011

Our 2nd October 21st :)

with Bebe Love <3

…because the first one was when we became each other’s better half :)
Off to Bohol to celebrate 12 months of lovin’. This was taken a few minutes ago at Manila Domestic Airport while waiting for our flight. We re so happy in lalalalalove!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Of 15th of October Surprises, Frogs, and Friendships

This year’s 15th of October was the longest and most dramatic Saturday that I can remember.

It was Froggy’s birthday. Being that he’s one of my closest pals, I know how he is. He loves setting up surprises for other people but he doesn’t want the same for himself. Weird, right? As a matter of fact, his senses and radar are extra sensitive every 15th of October. His mindset is that it’s his turn to be surprised. Froggy loves spoiling surprises for him as much as he loves setting up surprises for others. Yes, that’s how he really is. 

Bottom line is, we were able to surprise him for two consecutive years already. As much as he would hate to admit it, he was surprised and indeed, touched. By the way, the party lasted overnight. Venue and other arrangements were taken cared of by Marvin Oriarte (mastermind). 


Froggy’s party was more like a reunion more than it was a birthday party. Karlo, our long(figuratively) lost friend, decided to come over.  And as much as I would hate to admit it, I really missed the guy. It’s been almost a year since our misunderstanding happened and for me, that ship has already sailed. Time really heals wounds, I guess.

P.S. Thanks to Marvin Oriarte (mastermind) for letting us use Suede Room Studio as the venue.

Promotion is Sweeter the 2nd Time Around :)

Finally, the result of my technical exam was released earlier today! The result? Let’s just say, GOD IS GOOD!! I am so happy like a happy meal. Lol.

After almost two months of waiting, I finally got what I have been praying for - my second promotion! (Yes, the exclamation point is really necessary. Lol.) Finally. Thank you, Lord. Since I waited for almost two months, I cannot help but nurse a sort of “panic” about the result of my exam. Out of sheer desperation, I remember forwarding every single silly chain text message that I received while waiting for the long overdue result. But today, I feel like I am salvaged.

I feel so much better now because earlier this week, I was full of doubts - questioning my decisions, and my judgment. I, for awhile, felt like I am heading to the unknown without a plan for a good monumental escape.

The timing was really perfect. God is really good. When you are at what you can consider a low point of your life, He hugs you with this kind of good things to remind you that everything is worth it and that all else will be okay.

Thank you, God.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Call for Justice: RIP Given Grace Cebanico

Our God is a God of justice.


Only in the Philippines: Kwek-kwek Lovin'

Kwek-kwek lovin'

Here's a dose of lovely cholesterol. My favorite streetfood next to isaw. I took this photo yesterday. I ate a total of nine kwek-kwek. It's over-priced in our canteen. In the street, you can buy four of it for ten bucks but on our office, it's three-for-ten. Demmit. 

P.S. The only time I put Vinegar in my food is when I eat kwek-kwek. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Spell Odd: m-y-(space)-m-e-m-o-r-y

There really are things that you will always remember for some reason that even you cannot understand. Weird, I know but not as weird as remembering the birthday of my classmate in grade school, who goes by the name Walton. His birth date is October 10, which was yesterday. Man, I am not even close to the person and never was and no offense meant but it’s not like he is someone special or significant in my life. But I never missed remembering his birthday since I-cannot-remember-when. This made me wonder, if someone, somewhere, remembers something about me too the way I remember Walton’s birthday every year no matter how insignificant I am in his/her life.

Monday, October 10, 2011

First Love Never Dies

Sometimes, you realize something and it breaks your heart.

Okay. I miss dancing. I still want to dance. I want to come back. But the more that I want it... the harder it is to reach. The feeling is like entering a place you know by heart only to find out that nothing there is familiar anymore. I guess I've been gone for so long. I don't know where and how to pick up. I always believed that if I really want it, I'll find a way to go back. But then, I realized that it's not always the case. Wanting something so bad doesn't mean you'll get it. Not possible especially if you're not willing to make a sacrifice. You cannot serve two masters at the same time.

I tried to find a tangent between dancing and my professional career but it is just so hard. I don't think I can meet the level of commitment that dancing is going to require from me if I ever decide to go back. And it's not like I can sacrifice my career for dancing. Reality check. I am not as good as others. There's no bright future waiting for me in dance. And I need something stable. I need a fallback.

For now, I will just keep my faith that my decisions will bring me to the right path. I am not losing hope because my love for dance will never end. No matter what happens, it will always be what it has always been to me - my first love.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Of Multi-tasking and Instagram

So what else is perfect for a lazy afternoon? Movie! and Chips! and Wifi! and Bed!

I really need to save up money in prep for my upcoming trips this last quarter of the year. So in accordance to this "so-effin-hard-to-achieve" goal (ehem ehem), I try to stay home as much as possible, like today. And here's what I realized: It's easier to stay at home and avoid getting bored (Thank you, Instagram) than to go out and avoid spending. I know, it's like stating the obvious and not that it's big of a deal, maybe I'm just trying to calm myself here. Hehe.

Too much of avoiding boredom, I am watching a movie, blogging, instagramming, and eating chips simultaneously. And I'm doing all these without sweat. I know, it's really not something I should be proud of. Someone out there or maybe you could do all these better or prolly can do even more. Duh. Anyway, back to what I was saying.

The Movie: The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2.
I watched the first one and liked it so when I knew about its 2nd movie (Thanks to Astroplus), I bought a copy. And I was right. I am enjoying the movie so far. Reminds me pretty much of Now and Then, a movie from 1990-something. It was also about a story of four friends who grew up together and blah blah blah. Blake Lively is so pretty. Her looks never changed even after she got in to Gossip Girl. But Amber Tamblyn is my favorite. Not that I can relate to her because I don't think we're the same. I just really lover her character in the movie and her beauty.

Reminds me of my lovies, Rosa-Leri-Joy!

And the photo above is an indication of how fast I got addicted to Instagram, right? Oh no.

Instagram, finally.

I was so intrigued on how Instagram works so I used my brother's Iphone to experience its features. 'Twas cool since you don't need to manually edit the photos. You can just set it according to your preferences. Too bad you need an Iphone to use this. However, with the pacing of technological breakthroughs nowadays, in no time, Instagram will be available to non I-phone users. Otherwise, I am doomed because this is pretty addicting.

Someday. Someday.

Anyway, here is my first Instagrammed photo. And I'm still Instagramming right now. I want an Iphone!! Oh no!!

Test shot feat. my Champ

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bonchon: The best chicken in America

I don’t know about the tagline since I haven’t been anywhere outside Asia ever. I know little about Bonchon Chicken. I’ve only heard of it in Facebook because some of my friends would post statuses about how delicious the said chicken is. So, much to my intrigue, when I saw this in Shangri-La last week, I told Boyfriend that I want to eat there so we did.

I ordered 2-pc Drumsticks marinated with Soy-garlic while boyfriend had Porkchop. The food tasted great. The Porkchop was yummier though. My friends were right, Bonchon Chicken is indeed delicious. A bit pricey (145 PhP) for the size of the chicken though but for the taste, it’s A-okay!

Service at Bonchon was tad bit disappointing. Lucky them their food compensated for the bad service. We ate there at around 2:30pm and paid them 500 bucks. Our total bill amounted to 305 PhP but I had to wait a few more minutes (15-20) to get my change. It’s not like the place had few customers; it was actually jam-packed so why the heck would they have trouble in giving out changes, right? Right! Plus, their cashiers really seemed inexperienced.

While we were at the counter, one of the service crew (SC) took the initiative of finding a table for us. It was really, really nice of him to do that. However, when we got to the table, it was still dirty. There were water spillage, drops of sauce, and other what not on the table. We had to ask another SC to clean our table. Not only that, while we were eating, the table beside us got vacant so expectedly, an SC cleaned the table and he accidentally spilled the glass of water on our side of the table. Lucky him, Antonio didn’t get wet at all. Whew!

Bonchon *burp*

So to sum this up,
Bonchon Chicken= great food=bad service

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nth Comeback post

Out of boredom, I decided to read my older entries. Doing so made me realize that most of my entries really didn’t make any sense. If it isn’t about how boring my day was, it was about how things suck. I wrote a few happy entries, though. I don’t know. I miss writing with passion. I miss writing and actually making sense. What happened to me?