Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First 21.

How we spent the day? Nothing really special except that we played lotto. Harhar! And our "aalilain-mo-lang-ako-pag -nagkatuluyan-tayo-conversation" was just the funniest. We also watched Unstoppable, which by the way is a super cool movie!! Breathtaking. And the best part of the day... we heard mass together. It was just the first and we both pray to have more to come. We are just so happy in love.

P.S. Anj delos Santos and Gracie Manuel, if you two ever happen to read this, THANK YOU for helping me set up the surprise. It worked in a major majora waaaaay! :)

Monday on a Tuesday.

It was like Monday on a Tuesday. I think it's even worse. I don't remember feeling this tired ever because of work. I am so exhausted. Demmit.

P.S. Cheetos lost its magic. Not working.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

philosophy churva

One of my philosophies in life:

If someone does something that I dislike, I react or tell it to them right away. Because if I don't then they'll think that's okay. And if it happens again then it's my fault and I'd have no right to feel bad because I always had a chance to tell them when it happened for the first time and I just didn't.

Boring Saturday.

Friday, November 5, 2010

All About Vagina

After a year or so of trying to hunt a copy of this book, I finally got one. YAHOOOOOOOO!

My very own copy of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues!
FINALLY! Haylavet!

Monday, November 1, 2010

October is out. November is in.

I wasn't able to write much about how October was a blast for me. So much has happened... Too many interesting stories too tell but to tell a few, I'll share two of my most favorite happenings :D

Someone created an FB account using my name and my picture and added some of my Meralco friends. Most of the people my poser added were branch heads and team leaders. At first, I wasn't sure why the account was created though of course my first assumption was primarily to ruin me. I was just able to confirm it when my low-life poser commented on one of my friends' status. "Then go to hell"... That's what the poser wrote. Dumb ass!

To discover who my low-life-desperate-insecure-much-brainless-unicellular poser, was the least of my concerns but figuring out who SHE was was so elementary. I don't know if my poser was just trying to frame up someone. Well, it's either that or SHE was just too dumb to think that I wouldn't find out who SHE is. She's lucky that I didn't even bother to report her to our HR department.

I found out about the account through Jaic. She texted me asking why I created another account in FB. Thanks to her she took the initiative of sending personal messages to those who accepted my poser's invite. In fairness, the poser made me worry. I was feeling so helpless because my internet connection was f*cked up at the time. But like what the old folks say, "the good guys always win". BWAHAHAHAHA in your face!

The poser took the initiative of cleaning up HER mess. YEEEEY! Well, I wanna give her an A for the effort in creating an FB account and for adding an estimate of 50 people from Meralco; and A+ for the effort in creating an email for the bogus account. Matyaga si ate. Big deal ako sa buhay nya, HAVEY!

And for my poser, isa lang ang masasabi ko... "WALANG GAMOT SA INSECURITY TEH, SORRY HA." Imitation, indeed, is the best form of flattery.


I turned another page in my life and decided that now is the right time to start writing another story about love. I just feel so alive and happy and blessed. Life is beautiful... It still is, after all. I am in love and I wanna take this chance to try to see how far this will go. I love you, Michelle Anthony Sabalo Pineda! I am hopeful.

P.S. About the Baranggay elections, I still voted. Harhar!