Friday, March 16, 2012

Marsobente 2012: My Sisters from Another Mother ♥

Dinner at Bigoli, Trinoma with Rosario, Lerianne, and Joy 
My small and simple token of appreciation for these ladies ♥ 
P.S. Five days in advance but it sure felt like it was actually my birthday celebration. Dating these lovely ladies is a great way to start my week-long birthday celebration. Thank God for these ladies!  

Sunday, March 4, 2012

literally somewhere between the dead and the living

Okay. So in my attempt to have a healthy midnight snack, I cut my finger. Demmit. It didn't bleed though but it really hurts. It's a long cut and the wound is somewhere between the epidermis and the dermis (if I recall my Biology subject correctly), that's why it didn't bleed. I wanted to post a photo of how it looked like but it's too gruesome.

Bakit ganiter?! Ang gusto ko lang naman kumain ng fruit cocktail. =/

Saturday, March 3, 2012

There's this blog that I visit every now and then to check if the writer has a new entry. Like me, she writes sporadically and when she does, I always see to it that I read everything. Sometimes I even re-read her older entries when she doesn't have new ones. Stalking? Maybe. I don't know. I'm not really friends with this blogger but we have a lot of mutual ones. That's actually how I came across her blog. I am friends with her in Facebook and I follow her on Twitter but we never really talked ever. I greeted her on her birthday (via Facebook) and she thanked me, though. But does that count?

Anyway, she's really a great writer. If it wasn't embarrassing or weird I would have posted the link to her blog or simply drop her name here. But believe me when I say that her entries, no matter how non-sense she thinks they all were, are all very good read. She writes very sincerely. I feel her pain, her boredom, her excitement, her sadness... I feel every emotion in her entries as though they were my own. Whenever I read her stories, or entries rather, I feel less stressed and more inspired. It's like I draw inspiration from this person. I don't exactly know why. Maybe because we have a lot in common. It's like I can see in her the 'more-creative-more-sincere-and-more-sophisticated' version of me. Or maybe I'm just amazed to find someone who I can relate to the way I relate to her. She puts into words everything that I cannot say or write. And it's kinda sad though that I can't thank her or commend her for this.

Oh well, maybe one day, fate will bring us together and we'll be (great) friends. Until such day, I hope she keeps on writing because as pathetic as this sounds, I draw strength from her entries.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I totally forgot that I have a blog. And I totally forgot how to write.

I remember a friend told me once that she knows when something is wrong or when something is up with me because I write sporadically. So when I do, I ALWAYS have a better reason besides intolerable boredom.

So yes, something is wrong AGAIN. My drive was killed and it sucks. I feel so bad getting what I don't believe I deserve. Life is really not fair and I know it but eveytime I play the role of the victim, I just don't know how to get up. Demmit. I feel so defeated. All my hardwork went to nothing. It just killed my drive. They killed my drive. This is unacceptable.

This is the worst thing I ever had to deal with in years. I know I just have to accept it since there's nothing I can do anymore to turn the situation to my favor but it's just so effin' hard. I was taught and trained to always rise above the situation but right now, I don't think I can do it. There's nothing more I can give because I've already given it my all but it all went to trash.

The problem with unrecognized efforts is it kills the drive in one snap. Just like that. It only took one snap. This is just not right.

P.S. How do you resurrect the dead?